Wednesday, March 31

To be confused is something terrible, its stops being terrible when you can find nothing but confusion in you.

It's been 17 years since I was born, and the only fact I know about myself is that I'm 17.
Numbers, the only thing certain, nobody can argue you with that; if life was made of numbers, I would have known more things about it. I can spend my entire life, living in my imagination. But I know that someday will come and I'll wake up, late... as usual.

62 days to my finals. I have just realized that. I already have started to hear the ringing of the bell that announces the end of my exam time limit, I didn't finish answering yet.
Am i lost here?

4 days to publish the almuajaha next issue, and I still have 4 articles to translate, nobody knows how to design the paper but me. Folks are depending on me, I don't know how many people are waiting out there for this issue to be released.
Wasn't I supposed to focus on my study? I have 62 days only to finals.
Am i lost here?

She is pushing too much on me . I don't trust her. She worships me. I love her. She is supposed to be on my side. She is not. She does not understand me. I do and I can't sleep.
Wasn't I supposed to sleep the night so I can live the day? I have to study/work/live.
Am i lost here?

I promised them to finish this footage weeks ago. I haven't begun working on it yet. It's okay for them maybe, but it's so not okay for me.

I must read more about radio editing; I shall start doing some audio streaming for the Tigris woods project, that must take most of my time.
Wasn't I supposed to do something else? I don't know what it is, but things started to mix up here.

One of the hard questions in my mind was finally solved, when will my mind stop functioning because of this over-... life?

Study, failure, time, graduation, work, postpone, duty, character, hate, love, God, irony, patience, intelligence, injustice, rights, prejudice, success, journalism, lies, news, activism, headache, pain, diseases, paradox, conflict, disgrace, suicidal, paralyzed, confused, confusion, more of confusion...…

It is all unfinished businesses.
I am lost.

found a new reason to shed my tears.