Thursday, April 29

Are Iraqis Morons?
I don't think so.

In the recent year, Iraq's had possibly one of the highest educated middle class of all communities, reflect on it: dead communications with the "out world", no opportunities to get a job out side Iraq, and collages that keep graduating thousands of new “unemployed-correctly” people. I mean, for God's sake, have you ever heard of a country with doctors and engineers working as taxi drivers, with chemistry scientists selling groceries, with psychiatrists training local football teams? And the list goes on…
I mean, Iraq DOES have massive potentials that actually some of it is showing now helping to build the new Iraq.

But after all, Iraqis are not jerks, unlike, the GC and Bermer, they know what is good for their sake, the US doesn’t... if Iraqis didn't won't to be a US colony and wanted to be communists, so be it. If Iraq is turning into a quagmire, so be it. No UFOs have landed on the white house 100 years ago and told people not to be what they are.

However, we had US UFOs coming down upon our homes, killing our soldiers [hey, did you know that Iraqis soldiers have families, too?], the US invasion to Iraq caused a massive-scaled change in history, not for the good, but for the BAD.

Why do Americans care so much about making Iraqis gentlemen!
Why didn’t the US administration spend those billions of dollars on poor countries in the south of Africa!
Why didn’t the US army invade Palestine and gave it “freedom” instead?
Oh wait, its buddy is doing that.

I can say that I am an optimistic guy, sometimes... and I can say I’m certain that Iraq will be one of the richest countries in the world pretty soon...
Back to our… MY, speech about the good and the bad, the BAD that I was talking about was, the US invasion has interrupted a very important era in Iraq's history, Iraqis should've made the revolution themselves.
Europe would not have been what it is now, if it didn't pass through the injustice and the dictatorship in the 16th and 17th century... that made people there to correct their goals, to know their sake, before they had started the revolution in Europe.
Now the US invaded Iraq, stopped this ehh... process of this nation's growth, or whatever.
Iraqis now are out of choices, and will either start all over again since 1914 when the Brits invaded Iraq, and repeat their history to get another independence, or they will go with the flow, and become lazy assholes waiting for the US to change their diapers.

I’ll go back to study more of… bullshit, I am having an I-don’t-care-what-I’m-studying-now period…
Me: ...funny thing that during the interview with the CNN, Khalid and I were talking about the US propaganda and how it is spreading sleeping drugs to people around the world...
Myself: so why didn't the CNN broadcast the interview anyway?
Me: you stupid, who told you that they are going to broadcast it?
Myself: do you mean that CNN is not so good?
Me: not so good? CNN is one of them you idiot, wake up.

Saturday, April 24

So, im still studying...boring Majid.

But you know what, the CNN guys came today to our home... and they interviewed the three of us. We blabbed things about the current situation ... I didn't participate much, I was actually thinking of my physics curriculum and when am i going to finish it!
So anyway, I’m still frustrated about the situation... nothing to cheer me up ... just couple of nice messages i receive at my mailbox everyday ;-).

So Bremer did change his mind... hey, now I knew why people use “jerk” for.

If you want people to RESPECT you, stick with your point of view… and please, stick with a WISE one.

-so, let’s take those Ba’athists out of the usual day life...
-oh wait.... 90% of this country are Ba’athists.
-well ... let’s allow them to “live” back again.

I mean, it’s not a matter of trial and error here, is it?

Let’s hope that Bremer won’t apply the same theory about providing clean water to Iraqis.

hey, i'll let you know when is it going to be broadcasted on CNN... so hold your breaths, you are going to see me!.

Thursday, April 22

Well, at least I am not as bored as I used to be…

Now I have a new concept; I’m still studying, and will keep on studying… until next June, or until I die. That depends on which would be closer, and actually, you can never guess… it’s a matter of seconds and… boom, you are vanished.
Yesterday, it was midnight and I was trying to sleep; I had to wake up before 7:00am [like everyday] to start studying...
But that night, and instead of hearing dogs barking in the middle of the night, I was hearing choppers moving around, and tanks passing next to our house. Suddenly, I started to hear noise of a close tank engine going louder and louder, and the frequency of the sound was getting higher as well, it was just like the sound of a rocket being launched. I got frightened, all what I was thinking of was about this tank going to explode for some reason, and it was about 10 meter away from the house and I was going to die; I felt drops of sweat coming down on my forehead, I closed my eyes, and actually started praying.
The smell of fear in my heart lasted for about one minute (but seemed like eternity to me), and then started to fade away… then there was a moment of silence that gave time to think about how many people faced the same long moments of terror; workers in the world trade center before two airplanes hit them, families in the south of Iraq during the invasion before an A-10 aircraft fires a missile at their house, children of the kindergarten in their school bus returning home before their bus gets exploded.
I woke up today at 9:50, I couldn’t sleep last night… I turned on my laptop, started to write this blog… just to make myself feel better… but what about those who were killed, who were harmed… who will make them and their families feel better?
Will the GC ever going to wake up and realize that not everybody in Iraq is enjoying the life like they do…
I mean, I passed the question about the CPA, because I am sure that they will not.
Myself always thinks with ego about what if it was “the one”, what if it would be who will solve all the problems of this nation, pretty scary huh?
Maybe it would be me… or myself, who knows.

Friday, April 16

You- American people- want your relatives and money back home...
We -Iraqi people- want our relatives, money, possessions, homes and life-style back...
Saddam wanted money and power…
Bush wants more money and power… each from his own perspective.
That is all, period.

American families want their relative soldiers back home, Iraqis want their relative soldiers back alive... but you just can't go wishing that to happen, it's not that simple.
1st, to be a soldier, is to be ready and willing to sacrifice your body and soul for your nation's goals... an Iraqi soldier does not consider going "back" from a battle, neither does an American one nor any other soldier in the world.

This case we are talking about is huge, it is not a case of individuals; not the case of my cousin who went to fight, it’s the case of my country going to fight, it all started as an individual one though; a Saddam-Bush case that was extended to be a US/Allies-Iraqi case... and for that, there will be a bead body counter for both sides.

Let me say this from an Iraqi citizen perspective: I am half-Iraqi, half of my friends are Brits and Americans, and I think that i am proud of that... but when it comes to Brits and Americans who can be classified under "invaders" category, it won’t not a matter of friendship no more... its a matter of nationalism... this is MY country.... if Americans came to Iraq as tourists, visitors, friends.... I would honor them, love them, help them, and sacrifice my soul just to protect them. And I actually do all that for my American friends coming to Iraq as journalists, activists, etc... But if Americans came to invade the land of my fathers, the holy land of many prophets... i will curse them, attack them, and sacrifice my blood and soul to get them out of this country, dead or alive.
There are priorities in each man's life, mine here would possibly be: God, Science, and Home... After that i can put my “globalized/westernized” ideas.
I'm an ordinary guy [well... that is a lie, my arrogance just cant hold me from saying "im a genius", "I’m an event that happens once in the history"]... i can say that I’m a leftist in a moderate way in everything in my ordinary life.... but that’s in my "ordinary" life only.... when my life becomes an "extreme" life... where i have to be white or black about my points, "with us or with them" quoting from G.W.Bush... i have to go to the extreme to prove my point, or i drown with the flow....
I always believed in Globalization, but now is not the right time to go in the street shouting that.... i will shot dead by the Iraqi "them"... i don't know precisely what i will be betraying... but i will be a betrayer anyway... so, in such extreme circumstances, I DO go to street shouting NO for UN/US/whatever negotiations until the siege of Falluja is over, YES for US/UK products boycott...

im addicted to Nescafe, Pepsi, Kitkat... but there is a time when you have to leave something you like for something you love, that is literally what Al-Jihad is all about...

However, I think I'm making my own kitkat Jihad style here.

The current situation of Iraq is not a normal situation, nobody can go trying to apply ideal rules on Iraqis.... it is not that simple... you can't go telling people stop fighting Americans, calm down and chill out a bit... go to the peaceful negotiation phase and we will leave soon... nobody will buy that anymore... this trick is old now… Iraqis learnt from Palestinian mistakes.

Flyers are spread everywhere by a group that now calls itself "The Islamic National Iraqi Resistance", declaring that the Airport highway is a military zone, and preventing Iraqis from taking that road because it will be used as a way to destroy all vehicles going to the Airport; the current US militarily headquarters.
The US administration keeps on setting this fire on and on by its continuous militarily uprising... more and more of tanks crossing the Airport highway every now and then, US hum-vees patrolling in the airport way… they like playing with fire.

I just keep hearing the explosions there… our house is close to the airport and I daily see at least one US vehicle burning down there.

After all, I receive a message from an American lady in Texas, asking me to tell my folks to stop killing soldiers so they can leave the country.

Well, you Americans go and elect a president that approves on the US withdrawal, and we promise that we will stop and move on to the next step: The Brits.

Thursday, April 8

"what the hell am I studying for, teacher" Said Ibrahim, my chemistry class mate, as he dropped his pen in the middle of a difficult hydrocarbon test, after hearing a series of continuous US tank bombing nearby that broke our sanctuary silence.
The friendly all-time-joking guy seemed angry out of this situation; he stood up in a noticeable move, threw the test paper and continued "what's the use of studying this... who can ensure me that I'm not going to be dead before going to collage...why don't I go and fight with them?"

We all looked at him, gave him a stop-that-crap-and-get-back-to-your-exam look.

Being a part of the Iraqi youth, I started to feel the anger growing in my veins recently, especially after those events and the potential feeling of huge riots coming... I can't put this heat out unless I place my despair instead.

One year ago, I remember I was telling me friends "you will all be happy, you will be promised a lot, and you'll dream on that. you will not wake up before 4 or 5 years to find the American machine still sucking your oil and giving you more promises instead. Then, you'll revolute."
I was actually certain of what's going to happen, and I was telling myself that not until 3 years from now [referring to last year] people will not sense the importance of their nationalism; that feeling that became old now, and the one that Saddam made Iraqis believe that is defined loyalty to him and only to him.

Tomorrow will be whole year passed on the occupation and I am actually anxious to know what it's going to be like, the current GC position towards this day is that it's the National Day of Iraq, I guess Iraqis will show that they mind that.

As I remember, Tomorrow is the anniversary of the assassination of Mohammad Baqir As-Sadr, father of the current local hero Mohammad Moqtada As-Sadr, and that is not a happy event for Shi'aa at all. Moreover, Sunni Muslims will have their FIRST united Friday prayer tomorrow; this event will take place in ex-Mother of Battles Mosque (now called Mother of Villages, referring to Mecca). Other mosques will close their doors, and all Muslims were invited to that mosque, with their weapons if needed. [WHAT?]

For the last couple of days, situation has so much changed than before; streets now are empty, schools and universities are closed, the city is dying again, just like the old times during the war. And for the last couple of nights, bombing was heavy, one could hear shooting all the night everywhere with several BIG explosions every night. I started to see resistance in streets, I always said that those random attacks are not organized enough to be called as "resistance". Well, now I take it back; it actually began to be organized and have more courage, frankly, these people started to make confrontations with US troops that last for like 10-30 minutes. Making serious losses in the US side, it's not getting surprising now to see a wounded soldier, or a burned tank.…
In the other hand, civilian Iraqis are also participating with this in a way or another; food rations and money donations are being collected daily and sent to the surrounded Falluja. Wait for this, Demonstrations in Karbala encouraging Falluja people, Husaniyyas [Shi'aa mosques] giving speeches to support their Sunni brothers!!!
This political/militarily uprising was the spark that set this fire on, not an Iraqi/Iraqi fire like in a civil war as many analyzed, but a fire to unite Iraqis, teach them what is to be occupied, and how to react towards it.

After all this incredible intensity of continuous events, I go down the street in Karrada, and find couple of US soldiers buying food from a local Iraqi mini market. That seems so ironic to me so I ask the folks a permission to take a picture for them, and the officer agrees with a condition,"You make me look sexy in that photo, kid."