Thursday, April 29

Are Iraqis Morons?
I don't think so.

In the recent year, Iraq's had possibly one of the highest educated middle class of all communities, reflect on it: dead communications with the "out world", no opportunities to get a job out side Iraq, and collages that keep graduating thousands of new “unemployed-correctly” people. I mean, for God's sake, have you ever heard of a country with doctors and engineers working as taxi drivers, with chemistry scientists selling groceries, with psychiatrists training local football teams? And the list goes on…
I mean, Iraq DOES have massive potentials that actually some of it is showing now helping to build the new Iraq.

But after all, Iraqis are not jerks, unlike, the GC and Bermer, they know what is good for their sake, the US doesn’t... if Iraqis didn't won't to be a US colony and wanted to be communists, so be it. If Iraq is turning into a quagmire, so be it. No UFOs have landed on the white house 100 years ago and told people not to be what they are.

However, we had US UFOs coming down upon our homes, killing our soldiers [hey, did you know that Iraqis soldiers have families, too?], the US invasion to Iraq caused a massive-scaled change in history, not for the good, but for the BAD.

Why do Americans care so much about making Iraqis gentlemen!
Why didn’t the US administration spend those billions of dollars on poor countries in the south of Africa!
Why didn’t the US army invade Palestine and gave it “freedom” instead?
Oh wait, its buddy is doing that.

I can say that I am an optimistic guy, sometimes... and I can say I’m certain that Iraq will be one of the richest countries in the world pretty soon...
Back to our… MY, speech about the good and the bad, the BAD that I was talking about was, the US invasion has interrupted a very important era in Iraq's history, Iraqis should've made the revolution themselves.
Europe would not have been what it is now, if it didn't pass through the injustice and the dictatorship in the 16th and 17th century... that made people there to correct their goals, to know their sake, before they had started the revolution in Europe.
Now the US invaded Iraq, stopped this ehh... process of this nation's growth, or whatever.
Iraqis now are out of choices, and will either start all over again since 1914 when the Brits invaded Iraq, and repeat their history to get another independence, or they will go with the flow, and become lazy assholes waiting for the US to change their diapers.

I’ll go back to study more of… bullshit, I am having an I-don’t-care-what-I’m-studying-now period…

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