Saturday, April 24

So, im still studying...boring Majid.

But you know what, the CNN guys came today to our home... and they interviewed the three of us. We blabbed things about the current situation ... I didn't participate much, I was actually thinking of my physics curriculum and when am i going to finish it!
So anyway, I’m still frustrated about the situation... nothing to cheer me up ... just couple of nice messages i receive at my mailbox everyday ;-).

So Bremer did change his mind... hey, now I knew why people use “jerk” for.

If you want people to RESPECT you, stick with your point of view… and please, stick with a WISE one.

-so, let’s take those Ba’athists out of the usual day life...
-oh wait.... 90% of this country are Ba’athists.
-well ... let’s allow them to “live” back again.

I mean, it’s not a matter of trial and error here, is it?

Let’s hope that Bremer won’t apply the same theory about providing clean water to Iraqis.

hey, i'll let you know when is it going to be broadcasted on CNN... so hold your breaths, you are going to see me!.

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