Thursday, April 22

Well, at least I am not as bored as I used to be…

Now I have a new concept; I’m still studying, and will keep on studying… until next June, or until I die. That depends on which would be closer, and actually, you can never guess… it’s a matter of seconds and… boom, you are vanished.
Yesterday, it was midnight and I was trying to sleep; I had to wake up before 7:00am [like everyday] to start studying...
But that night, and instead of hearing dogs barking in the middle of the night, I was hearing choppers moving around, and tanks passing next to our house. Suddenly, I started to hear noise of a close tank engine going louder and louder, and the frequency of the sound was getting higher as well, it was just like the sound of a rocket being launched. I got frightened, all what I was thinking of was about this tank going to explode for some reason, and it was about 10 meter away from the house and I was going to die; I felt drops of sweat coming down on my forehead, I closed my eyes, and actually started praying.
The smell of fear in my heart lasted for about one minute (but seemed like eternity to me), and then started to fade away… then there was a moment of silence that gave time to think about how many people faced the same long moments of terror; workers in the world trade center before two airplanes hit them, families in the south of Iraq during the invasion before an A-10 aircraft fires a missile at their house, children of the kindergarten in their school bus returning home before their bus gets exploded.
I woke up today at 9:50, I couldn’t sleep last night… I turned on my laptop, started to write this blog… just to make myself feel better… but what about those who were killed, who were harmed… who will make them and their families feel better?
Will the GC ever going to wake up and realize that not everybody in Iraq is enjoying the life like they do…
I mean, I passed the question about the CPA, because I am sure that they will not.
Myself always thinks with ego about what if it was “the one”, what if it would be who will solve all the problems of this nation, pretty scary huh?
Maybe it would be me… or myself, who knows.

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