Friday, April 16

You- American people- want your relatives and money back home...
We -Iraqi people- want our relatives, money, possessions, homes and life-style back...
Saddam wanted money and power…
Bush wants more money and power… each from his own perspective.
That is all, period.

American families want their relative soldiers back home, Iraqis want their relative soldiers back alive... but you just can't go wishing that to happen, it's not that simple.
1st, to be a soldier, is to be ready and willing to sacrifice your body and soul for your nation's goals... an Iraqi soldier does not consider going "back" from a battle, neither does an American one nor any other soldier in the world.

This case we are talking about is huge, it is not a case of individuals; not the case of my cousin who went to fight, it’s the case of my country going to fight, it all started as an individual one though; a Saddam-Bush case that was extended to be a US/Allies-Iraqi case... and for that, there will be a bead body counter for both sides.

Let me say this from an Iraqi citizen perspective: I am half-Iraqi, half of my friends are Brits and Americans, and I think that i am proud of that... but when it comes to Brits and Americans who can be classified under "invaders" category, it won’t not a matter of friendship no more... its a matter of nationalism... this is MY country.... if Americans came to Iraq as tourists, visitors, friends.... I would honor them, love them, help them, and sacrifice my soul just to protect them. And I actually do all that for my American friends coming to Iraq as journalists, activists, etc... But if Americans came to invade the land of my fathers, the holy land of many prophets... i will curse them, attack them, and sacrifice my blood and soul to get them out of this country, dead or alive.
There are priorities in each man's life, mine here would possibly be: God, Science, and Home... After that i can put my “globalized/westernized” ideas.
I'm an ordinary guy [well... that is a lie, my arrogance just cant hold me from saying "im a genius", "I’m an event that happens once in the history"]... i can say that I’m a leftist in a moderate way in everything in my ordinary life.... but that’s in my "ordinary" life only.... when my life becomes an "extreme" life... where i have to be white or black about my points, "with us or with them" quoting from G.W.Bush... i have to go to the extreme to prove my point, or i drown with the flow....
I always believed in Globalization, but now is not the right time to go in the street shouting that.... i will shot dead by the Iraqi "them"... i don't know precisely what i will be betraying... but i will be a betrayer anyway... so, in such extreme circumstances, I DO go to street shouting NO for UN/US/whatever negotiations until the siege of Falluja is over, YES for US/UK products boycott...

im addicted to Nescafe, Pepsi, Kitkat... but there is a time when you have to leave something you like for something you love, that is literally what Al-Jihad is all about...

However, I think I'm making my own kitkat Jihad style here.

The current situation of Iraq is not a normal situation, nobody can go trying to apply ideal rules on Iraqis.... it is not that simple... you can't go telling people stop fighting Americans, calm down and chill out a bit... go to the peaceful negotiation phase and we will leave soon... nobody will buy that anymore... this trick is old now… Iraqis learnt from Palestinian mistakes.

Flyers are spread everywhere by a group that now calls itself "The Islamic National Iraqi Resistance", declaring that the Airport highway is a military zone, and preventing Iraqis from taking that road because it will be used as a way to destroy all vehicles going to the Airport; the current US militarily headquarters.
The US administration keeps on setting this fire on and on by its continuous militarily uprising... more and more of tanks crossing the Airport highway every now and then, US hum-vees patrolling in the airport way… they like playing with fire.

I just keep hearing the explosions there… our house is close to the airport and I daily see at least one US vehicle burning down there.

After all, I receive a message from an American lady in Texas, asking me to tell my folks to stop killing soldiers so they can leave the country.

Well, you Americans go and elect a president that approves on the US withdrawal, and we promise that we will stop and move on to the next step: The Brits.

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