Saturday, September 25

this picture was taken during Metchosen day, an annual celebration where students of Pearson College participate with their national customs, this picture was taken for Asian students... students were like: stay away, you are middle-eastern, this is asian-only picture... and I was like: I AM AISAN!!... whatever. Posted by Hello

Monday, September 20

the docks of Pearson College at the pacific ocean, the very far mountains are Seatlle. Posted by Hello

Japan house team, during the house olympics [we got 3rd :-s], i'm the one who sitting like Roberto carlos, with an offwhite T-shirt and black pants with a red line on them ;-) Posted by Hello

on our way to Race Rocks Islands, we went for exploring, then we went hicking for the whole day .... and i drove the boat for 15 minutes :-) Posted by Hello

another view for Japan house, Pearson College, Canada Posted by Hello

this is Pi-chi, the campus cat, she's been here for 12 years... and we spend lots of time together when i'm studying :-) Posted by Hello

thats where I stay, Japan house... in Peasron College campus, Victoria, Canada. Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 18

Was I asleep for all that time?

Last time I posted, was two days before my last final, I was afraid; I felt like my life was ending, I felt like I would have to start a new life, make new friends, and start walking on the path I would choose for the rest of my life.

As time passed, and while my friends and I were waiting for our results, we all felt that these days will be gone, and we may not meet again… our friendship is going to be lost, like everything else around.

The results came out, surprisingly shocking, my average was 96.4%, I was ranked 4th on the highschool and among the top 20 students in Iraq… I still can’t believe that I did it.

I was happy... ignoring all the other things that goes around the world. for the 1st time in my life, i choose to forget about more activism, and focus on enjoying what myself valued as "victory".


Soon it became obvious to me that I am going to leave Iraq… And that resolution that came out from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education saying that non-Iraqi students are no longer allowed to study in Iraq, neither depending on their grades nor on their money, did nothing but assured me that I’m no longer welcomed in my country. This was a complete shock to me; I haven’t even thought of studying somewhere else than in Baghdad University. To me, Baghdad University was something… holy.


It was 5:30am, and I was taking my last look at my home, I could sense the walls of my room covered with posters of The Matrix and prints of a basketball everywhere, all together, kissing me goodbye… my PC, my desk and my bed, I saw them shedding tears… However, I left with my cold-hearted theme.

I left Iraq with tears in my heart I did not shed; I had cried before and it brought nothing, but left me with more despair.

Stayed in Jordan for some time, spend some quality time with my girlfriend; we both knew that we won’t see each other for a long while… for her, it was devastating.But for me…I don't know what it was for me.
Then, the time had come, when I had to say good bye, Raed, Nicki, my girlfriend, my cousins, my aunts and uncles were all standing behind the queue, I was looking at them while I’m checking my bags in the airport… mom and dad were back in Iraq… it was a cruel moment, but I already knew that I will sacrifice a lot.

I stayed in Frankfurt for one day, then left to Vancouver and stayed one day as well then I left to Victoria… it took me a total of 38 hours to reach Pearson College in Victoria… and during that 38 hours, I bought a marc polo sweater, I had some coffee at Star Bucks, talked with FIDO customer service about getting a FIDO SIM-card for my cell phone… I felt like this trip was a huge fast step into westernization.

I reached Pearson College at noon… I was pretty shocked that all people were expecting and waiting for me, for the students, I was a new social experiment, for the director of the school, it was another great achievement.

Pearson College is an international college that contains 200 students from more than 80 different nationalities around the world. I, Majid Jarrar, was the 1st Iraqi student to attend one of the United World Colleges since the end of the Iraqi-Iranian war in 1988.The 1st week passed with no classes, just all-day orientation, meeting students, making parties and telling all about Iraq over and over and over…

I feel that this whole “transformation” was too soon for me, but I believe it is the right time though... and I guess I’m pretty ready for that challenge.