Thursday, October 21


first of all, thank you for those who already started to donate money. I just wanted to say that a $5 donation does make a difference. Iraq is a very cheap country, and with few bucks you can buy a reasonable amount of medication.
I have received several emails from people who wanted to send the money to me by mail.
here is my address:

Attn. Majid Jarrar
650 Pearson College Drive
Victoria, V9C 4H7
BC, Canada

I will wire the money to Raed, and i will expect him to send me receipts back from my family in Baghdad. I will scan the receipts and email it back to the donors.

thank you,

Wednesday, October 20

Hello, everybody.
I'm fine, busy with my freaking timetable... [assuming that you all are asking about my absence]

Briefly, I'd like to say that the situation in Iraq is not getting better.

And I'm not able to do anything, that's pretty much frustrating to me; I'm here with lots and lots of work, thousands of miles .. I mean, kilometers away from home (I EVEN started to measure in miles, Gee!)
The Jarrar family [that's us] are doing a small humanitarian project which aims to assist hospitals and some families in Iraq.
please check Raed's, Khalid's or mom's blog, the post on Wednesday October 20, for more details about the project and how to help.
thank you,

Tuesday, October 12

Monday, October 4

amazing nature scenes in our long muddy way to Keeha Beach, Bamfield, BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

Pacheena Bay, the place where we camped for the whole past week, Bamfield, BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

walking to the house of Huu-Hay-Aht [or something close to that name!], a cultural center for Native Canadian people in Bamfield, BC, Canada Posted by Hello

me, half-asleep standing next to my tent, Tuesday morning in Keeha Beach after a long muddy hike the night before, Bamfield, BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

during our hike, in the middle of the west cost trail... one of world's best places to hike, Bamfield, BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

taken in front of Bamfield primary school, where we were doing a community service program, (every student was telling the kids some info about his/her country..)... i'm the cute one who's putting a fisherman hat on ;-) that happened during action week when we were camping at Pacheena bay, Bamfield, BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

watching the sun set at Keeha beech, we went there in an over-night hike....
we slept on the beach that night, around the camp fire we made.... it was so nice.

students from left to right are: Hernan (Argentina), Michael (Egypt), Me (Iraq), Emily (Canada), Christy (group instuctor), tatinda (Zimbaboe), Debra (Singapore), Husnia (Afghanistan), Mayo (Japan). Behind them, Fawn (Canada) and Michelle (Ecuador).
sitting far behind is Xochilt (Nicaragwa) and Ingrid (Paraguay). Posted by Hello