Friday, November 5

Umm... I just wanted to draw your attention to these new ads in my site, the ones by google (on the right and down at the bottom) are... umm ... how can i call them... money generators !
its a very simple way of having a sustainable -albeit small- amount of money coming through my site to help achieving simple projects in Iraq.

basically, the idea is, the more people click on these ads and check them, the money points that my account gains, and eventually, I get paid couple of bucks... enough to help people back home, i hope.

so, feel free to check these ads whenever you have time to !

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to tell you that I got shocked of number of mails that I have received, I never expected this many of mails!... I can´t say anything but a million thanks to everyone who helped and supported this project. Thank you all.
Since most of people told me that they don´t want their names published on the net, i am going to write only initials of people who donated with amounts of money they dontated.
so, here we go:

unknown $20 US.
(R) $20 US.
C. M $20 US.
(T) $25 US.
E.R.R $40CA.
N.S $50 CA.
W.K $100 US.
H.T $100 CA.
K.M.M $200 CA.
(S) $200 US.

I will keep posting more payments soon... I still have couple of letters more.
please note that these are only from people who mailed me the money (in cash or cheques) to my address.
thank you all again.