Friday, November 5

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to tell you that I got shocked of number of mails that I have received, I never expected this many of mails!... I can´t say anything but a million thanks to everyone who helped and supported this project. Thank you all.
Since most of people told me that they don´t want their names published on the net, i am going to write only initials of people who donated with amounts of money they dontated.
so, here we go:

unknown $20 US.
(R) $20 US.
C. M $20 US.
(T) $25 US.
E.R.R $40CA.
N.S $50 CA.
W.K $100 US.
H.T $100 CA.
K.M.M $200 CA.
(S) $200 US.

I will keep posting more payments soon... I still have couple of letters more.
please note that these are only from people who mailed me the money (in cash or cheques) to my address.
thank you all again.

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