Friday, December 31


well, all i can say, 2004's been a dismal year... with all the clashes and the disasters all around the year, we have nothing to do about it, except to pray, to have 2005 a happy year, where the world can live in peace.
happy new peaceful year.

note: regarding the communication problem, i haven't received any confirmation from Iraq about it, I have received a confirmation that the schools ARE already closed, and employee are still working but they might stop by the new year.

Thursday, December 23

I had nothing to do this winter break, no plans of anything… so I decided, I’ll go to the US, its close, and it could be a great experience…So I booked my flights and set everything, the campus closed on Friday and I left to the airport, where I flew to Vancouver to catch my flight to Seattle, but life doesn’t go that easy…
I was held at the US immigration office in Vancouver for 2 hours, I missed my flight and I had to stay the night at Vancouver because there were no other flights for the day, next day I went 4 hours before my flight just in case, and I was held for 4 hours at the immigration, they had to start all over with the process and I donno why… eventually, I could catch my plane as the gate was closing and I reached Seattle, I stayed at my friend’s house for couple of hours and then I went back to the airport, everything went okay and I flew all the way to west coast to the heart of america… New York!
I spent the first hours of the day sleeping in subways because I was too tired of the whole trip and I didn’t want to start another adventure carrying a heavy bag around the streets of NYC, anyway, it was around 4 in the afternoon when I decided to go up and see the city, so I go up, and I find myself in World Trade Center station, right in front of the WTC site… what a coincidence!
Anyway, I walked around the streets of Manhattan until it was night and I realized that I will eventually need a place to stay, so I call one of my friends and I tell her that I’m just an Iraqi man lost somewhere by times square, she gives me the direction to her place in Brooklyn, I go there… and here I am!, sitting in a nice warm place with a clear mind away from Pearson College and its life; a busy yet wonderful life that you just can’t get out of your head, its been 48 hours and I started to miss it.
We had our last musical café for 2004 the day before we leave, and it was great fun and everybody was singing and then music students wrote this nice song “take a break from Pearson” and then we said good-byes to each other and everyone was sad because we’re just like a family now and stuff…
Yeah anyway, its freezing here, I was watching the forecast before coming to the east coast, and it said that the weather New York is going to be 32, and I was like wow man that’s very warm… apparently, it was 32 Fahrenheit, something below 0 for me!
But even so, I went for a walk in streets of Manhattan, and took some pictures in grand central station and empire state building and stuff… amazing for me!
Anyway, I’ll be staying here for Christmas, and by the new year I’ll be traveling to DC to meet some friends until my break is over on 7th and I’ll go back to Pearson College…