Saturday, January 22

The Jarrars Fundraise Project

after a 3-month struggle with paypal, all the problems with our account are resolved now, I have withdrew $CA500 to my bank account, and i will wire it to raed via western union next friday, if the money gets to him without any problems -God forbid-soon we will be able to send all the money to Falluja.

End of Pilgrimige of year 1425 hijri

it's not that only, pilgrims have finished their pilgrimige in Mecca and preparing to go home, after a trouble-free pilgrimige
we celebrated Eid today in Canada :*)
i'm gonna go and be happy for a while :-) and then i'll go to study :-(

Tuesday, January 18

Contest for Best Arab Blogger

I just received an email telling me that Raed's blog, and Mother's, along with Riverbend's and others are nominamted for best Arab Bloggers, and Best Iraqi Bloggers awards...

you can check that on
Give Bush A Wake-Up Call

On the morning after Inauguration Day, at the dawn of a new administration, help us send a message to the President to end this war now. Take a moment and pledge to make a wake up call to the President urging him to change course in Iraq and end the war.

Pledge to make a call on January 21 by clicking here.

Your voice is an important part of local and national actions taking place across the country.

Phone numbers

800-839-5276 Capitol Switchboard (Ask for the White House Comment Line)
202-456-1111 White House Comment Line (Direct)

Call-in details

Date: Friday, January 21
When: 9 am in your time zone
Why: To deliver a message that we want an immediate end to this war

Give Bush A Wake-up Call

Monday, January 17

It amazes me how some people are still supporting the war on Iraq till this moment.
I just received another hate mail (haven't been getting such junk for a while), from a US soldier I donno where from, but he seemed to like cursing a lot!...i found this part of his message kinda interesting..

Should the American people choose to they could wipe the majority of your disgusting race off of this planet in a matter of days. Go ** **** *** ******. The best way to take peace is with a knife.

I can never understand how can someone think like that. When I first read his message, I laughed, but then I realized that this is not a comedian writing this to entertain me, its actually someone believes in what he's saying... I realized that this is so sad.
I donno who feeds him with this sort of feelings and thoughts, who supports his racism... but anyway, it doesn't sound nice to me when I know that this person is the same one who came 20 months ago to liberate me.
I feel disappointed whenever I read from such a loser who thinks he has a purer blood because he's american.
sucha virus can spread around quickly, and this kind of people could destroy their own nation, more people like him and there will be nothing left to be proud of.