Saturday, February 19

Transfer Test Received, Money is on the way

Raed confirmed to me that he received the 500CAD transfer I made weeks ago, it took some time though, I have exchanged the money to USD and I transferred 12,500USD to Raed... The money should reach there within 10 business days.

the rest of the money is still with me, i'm still receiving donations through mail and via paypal, and I will make another transfer to Raed within two weeks (for those who have been emailing me and asking whether they should send donation or is it too late, you still have some time)...


My travel break is going fine so far, I've been to Toronto earlier this week to attend the WAC (World Affairs Conference, one of the most successful student-run conferences in north america), this year's topic was "oppression", and it was interesting...

the 10 of us (Pearson Ethics Initiative students) also attended Foray Conference which was in Toronto as well, and it was about social justice... there was a film contest included and we proposed to film a documentary about social oppression...
I liked Toronto, and it pretty much reminded me of Baghdad with the huge masses of concrete (i.e. buildings) all over the place..

I'm back to Victoria now, staying with a host family and enjoying the sun and the beautiful air in a mediterannian-like weather :-)... I'll be going back to Pearson next sunday... the travelling fun is over, and Pearson's fun is about to begin.

and oh, travelling is not quiet over yet, once i'm back to Pearson, i will travel again, this time to vancouver, part of my anthropology assessment is to do field work about chinese immigrants in Vancouver.... I'm sure that'll be fun.