Sunday, December 18


After several month of a continuous search for myself, I finally found... Him :)

my apologies for the ridiculously long delay... I hadn't got enough time to be involved in my internet world.. Actually I have a proof that I haven't been responding to my email much..

so, yeah! I'm back, I'm alive... :0)

I'm in Amman now, I left Canada last June. Now I am finishing my second year of IB here and waiting to find to which universities I'm gonna get accepted...

The Iraqi elections went quietly and normally here in Jordan, people didn't make a big deal out of it, the turnout of Iraqis who registered to vote was very disappointing; there were almost 30,000 voters in Jordan, out of the estimated 400,000 Iraqis living in Jordan. One of the main reasons for the low number of Iraqi voters was because of the lack of polling stations.

Mom voted, and she was so happy to vote, Raed voted too :)

I couldn't go with mom because I have a long school day and I usually come home around 4-5pm. But then on Thursday I decided to go and vote, and I took a shower and got dressed and wore my favorite eau de toilet ;o), but then I fell ill and got this killing migrain attack, I had to stay in bed for two days :0(.

Anyhow, I really wanted to vote actually, regardless of how much skeptical I was of the results. I do believe that these elections will be at least a beginning of a better government, even though there were news in Iraqi TV channels about attempts to block voters in some areas, and attempts to facilitate voting for certain groups of Iraqis because of which party they support...blablabla news rumors fake elections lies truths yadayadayada..

future is coming, and we will see the coming government.

I hope it will be a government that, at least, knows what goes on inside the green zone... And hopefully the coming Iraqi prime minister will know previously the reason behind the meeting he goes to next time he's dragged from his beard to the conventions center.