Saturday, December 30

End of Saddam

As I woke up this morning to welcome the sun of the happy day of Eid Al-Adha, I saw the breaking news that Saddam had been just executed. The first moment I heard the news, I was shocked. I felt deep sadness and great loss. It reminded me of the similar feeling I had when I saw the statue of Saddam falling at Al-Firdaws circle. with those two events, I felt that the dignity of Iraqis, my dignity, was targeted. Just like how I felt that the soldier who put his shoe on the head of Saddam's statue was putting his shoe over the soveriegnty of Iraq, in the same perspective the execution seemed to be the first step of the mission of wiping Iraq off the map as a united state. Saddam died the moment he was caught in that rat hole, but this execution was targeting Iraq's sovereignty and unity.

It filled me with rage and frustration to see Saddam killed by a bunch of leaders who deserve to be killed ten times more than he did. I never liked Saddam, in fact I always hated him as much as I could. I did admit that he did several good things to Iraq and Iraqis and that he was above all a national leader but the fact that he wronged many people and killed many civilians made it impossible for me to think of forgiving him. But now, I feel that Saddam was the last thing left from the unity of Iraq. And I fear that his death might bring doom on Iraqis, and the end to Iraq as a united state.

It is very shameful to see how ridiculous the court is. When it was first established by Paul Bremer, they were talking about preserving international law and human rights. But now as both the American and Iraqi government are about to collapse, the court suddenly decides to override all international laws and apply the sentence of death on Saddam regardless of the international doubts and denials about its legitimacy, professionality and credibility.

But, this is all good.

Saddam's death is obviously the last card that the Bush Adminstration of losers had, and it was also the last card that Iran could draw. I had predicted that Saddam's execution will be delayed until the last days of Bush's presidency in 2008. But having this execution taking place now will blow the entire Iraqi situation up. In addition, the increasing resistance will prove to the world that the situation is not terrible because of those 'Saddamists'. The death of Saddam will strip down all the excuses from the Bush Adminstration and will prove that resistance is a national choice and the American Army must withdraw from Iraq.

I am already looking forward to the political earthquakes that shall happen in 2007 inshaAllah!

But most importantly, happy Eid to everyone :)

Sunday, November 12

Iraq: a chance to change

The Democrats' attempt to improve the Iraqi situation will be fruitless unless the US administration starts listening to Iraqis.

The American widespread discontent about the performance of the Bush administration has finally come to fruition when the Democrats took over the House of Representatives after twelve years of a conservative government. There is an immediate need to deal with the situation in Iraq which has become catastrophic. The decision of the US to withdraw from Iraq has become inevitable. The question is how they should do it.

The promises of the Democrats in changing the US policy should not be associated with an optimistic view to Iraq’s future. The Democratic plan, seemingly as one-sided as the republicans’ who were also sure that they could fix the Iraqi situation, shows no signs that they intend to change the unilateral ideology in handling things in Iraq. And as long as the Americans commanding and controlling Iraqis instead of listening and cooperating with them, the situation will remain as is. The American administration must realize that it needs to work with Iraqis, not above them.

The vast majority of Iraqis sees the sectarian tension as a result to occupation, and hence, wants the Americans to completely withdraw from Iraq. If the Democrats were sincere to get out from the current crisis, they should work towards presenting a schedule for a complete withdrawal; one year is plenty. During this period, Americans are responsible for establishing a strong, united and independent Iraqi government that is capable of training a strong national army. Americans are also responsible for compensating destroyed infrastructure to secure water and electricity to Iraqi civilians. All other internal issues must be dealt with by Iraqis themselves. Iraq must be left for Iraqis.

Friday, November 10

Interventionism vs. Sovereignty

After reading an article titled "The ideals worth rescuing from the deserts of Iraq" by Andrew Rawnsley, the associate editor of The Observer, I wrote a counter argument to his article, mainly for my rhetoric writing class. I am posting it for relevency. I hope you find it interesting.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of World New Order in the early 90s, the United States of America started taking its role as the solitary leader of the world. In next to no time the USA first applied the principle of interventionism as a humanitarian path to improve situation of countries undergoing crisis. The US intervened in Somalia to help distribute aid to the starving people of the country. The success of the mission was the beginning of the military approach to political solutions, namely, interventionism. This led more first world countries to apply the Somalia example on other cases, and the intervention of the UK in Sierra Leone was another successful action. Then, in year 2003, the War on Iraq broke out. By exporting US democracy to Iraq, the Americans thought that Iraq would be just another case in which ‘humanitarian interventionism’ will succeed. So the USA illegally invaded Iraq and successfully overthrew the Iraqi national government. However, the bad strategies and the constant disregarding to the emerging problems have led Iraq to become a swamp of violence and instability. After more than three years since the invasion, Iraq is still an arena for chaos and bloodshed. Despite all this, Andrew Rawnsley, writing in the Observer, was still trying to prove that interventionism is an ideal concept that should remain a preferred choice, even though the Iraq scenario was horrible. He believes that there should be a world power dedicated to saving rights and dignity of humans across the planet. Although how Noble that may seem, I believe interventionism should not become a principle or be taken as a standard solution but rather the only final option in rare emergency situations where military action is the only choice available.

Mr. Rawnsley’s article contains a lot of misleading information. He tries to delude readers by creating false dilemmas about interventionism. For example, he says that if intervention was not carried out in Rwanda, then it means that the UN forces would sit on their hands watching genocide happen. This is not true as there were several other choices that could have been taken, but Mr. Rawnsley wanted to hide those other options to make his argument more persuading. As an example of these other options, negotiations could be established between an international power and the local parties in conflict, and should these negotiations fail, then economic sanctions could be enforced until the Rwandese parties respond to the international call. Even though interventionism did occur in Rwanda, and it was carried out successfully, this does not mean that interventionism was the right thing to do, and it does not mean that interventionism is always right. Mr. Rawnsley wanted to hide all other possibilities so he could persuade readers that the only available choice was the military action.

The Observer’s frequent columnist also creates another false dilemma as he labels people who are not pro-interventionism as “defeatist realists”. Not only that, but he calls them ‘realists’ with quotation marks, marking that he is ironic of their realistic opinions regarding interventionism. This is not only a personal attack against anyone who disagrees with Mr. Rawnsley’s perspective, but also it’s a biased label which he puts on so many different viewpoints. Mr. Rawnsley seem to create a straw-man argument here; he creates a group in his own mind then he defeats their arguments in order to make it seem like if his argument was strong. The fact is, People are not only either pro interventionism or defeatist realists; interventionism in itself needs to be studied carefully on a case by case basis. People could be against Mr. Rawnsley’s opinion and still agree that interventionism could be sometimes right. The military action in Sierra Leon was a good action, if the British army did not intervene there, many lives could have been lost. This mission was successful not because the British army was good, but because the people of Sierra Leon themselves asked the Brits to help them. And if Mr. Rawnsley was trying to make this scenario similar to the Iraqi scenario then he is doing a false analogy, neither the US army has saved lives of Iraqis, nor has the Iraqis asked for ‘liberation’.

In other attempt to justify the errors of the war, the author commits several logical errors; he tries to reach conclusions without using a valid logic. He says, for example, that one of the main reasons that lead to the chaotic and terrible situation in Iraq was that the US did not have enough US troops in Iraq when they overthrew the government, and what appealed foreign jihadists to pour into the country throughout the open borders was the thin spread of occupation forces around the country. This is not true; Americans could have controlled over Iraq with many less soldiers if they had the collaboration of the people and the good strategy. If only Andrew Rawnsley, Tony Blair or George W. Bush read history, they would probably know that British General Cromer had controlled the six million population of Egypt with five thousand soldiers. Authority is not achieved with just having more power. The truth is, the terrible performance of the US administration in Iraq was the main reason that led to chaos in Iraq. The resulting terrible situation was the reason why jihadists entered Iraq. In other attempts to appeal people to the principle of the illegal invasion which Mr. Rawnsley likes to call ‘liberal imperialism’, he mixes its meaning with another more acceptable ideology to people. He says that “[…] Mr. Blair has been trying to remake his case for an activist foreign policy which you can call humanitarian interventionism or liberal imperialism.” This is strange since, humanitarian interventionism is nothing like liberal imperialism, whatever he meant by the latter.

Mr. Rawnsley, along with the US administration and all western biased media, hid a major problem in analyzing the situation, which is totally forgetting about the opinion of those who are ‘intervened upon’, those are, the miserable Iraqi people. He does not mention that 80% of Iraqis –according to latest polls-, want the complete withdrawal of occupation. The majority of Iraqis did not agree on the US illegal intervention from the first moment it took place, and they still hold the occupation responsible for all the mistakes happened in their country. On the other hand, Mr. Rawnsley does not understand the perspective of Gandhi, which most Iraqis adapt, that sovereignty is the most important issue to any state. Aside from the miserable situation that Iraq has undergone in the past three years because of the unjustified intervention and is still suffering from it until this moment, Iraq’s national sovereignty, even with its dictatorship, saved more rights and dignity for Iraqis than the current occupation. Iraqis would argue that “much of the [current] country’s ailments [are] a direct result of the illegal war and violence that followed”. After all, the most important part of the situation in Iraq, and the most direct party affected by what happens on Iraqi soil, is the Iraqi people, and they should be the first ones to be listened to.

I think that Mr. Rawnsley’s perspective contained a lot of misleading information. He based his analysis on false dilemmas, false analogies, straw-man arguments and several deep logical errors. The perspective from which he sees the case of interventionism is not correct. Interventionism is not an ideal principle always, and it should not be carried out as a standard solution, but it is rather a final option used only in carefully studied cases. In the same sense, no nation has the right to position itself on a moral high ground or to intervene into other countries’ internal affairs according to its own standards.

Sunday, November 5

The End of Two Tyrants

Saddam has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of crimes to humanity.

As the sentence will be appealed automatically, it will be reviewed to appeal judges to decide whether or not to accept the appeal. And if the appeal is rejected, then Saddam will be executed by hanging within 30 days, as the law says.

Saddam protested on the sentence, as he requested to be executed by a firing squad because he still claims to be the president of Iraq and the supreme general of the Iraqi armed forces.

Dream on dude, you are so dead anyway.

The curtains went down on the play of Saddam’s trial as the 2006 mid term elections are just a couple of days to come. In these elections Americans will elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives as well as one third of the Senate’s members. In addition, 36 states will elect their governors. These elections should greatly affect the US domestic and foreign policy in deciding which party is going to control and what policies will be applied in the soon future.

The imprudent administration of the United States thought that by finishing the play of Saddam’s trial they could appeal to more people that they were finally able to achieve their fake victory in Iraq. One would definitely argue now that ‘evil’ is removed from Iraq and the situation is on its way to be perfect soon. Americans and people of the world are smarter than this. Evil will always remain in Iraq until the US administration completely pulls out all its troops from here.

What the US administration did not want to happen, is a poll made by the Canadian CTV less than two weeks ago. The survey was done in 4 countries. The (vast) majority of three of the four countries (Israel is the exception) believed that the US foreign policy has made the world a less safe place since 2001. George W. Bush was put on the top three most dangerous leaders of the world. Below I am quoting the details of the survey from the CTV website (link):

United States policy has made the world a more dangerous place and President George Bush is among the leaders who pose the greatest threat to peace, four new polls suggest.

The polls were conducted ahead of Tuesday's U.S. mid-term elections, which many expect to hinge on the issue of the Iraq war.

A majority of people surveyed in three out of four countries rejected the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The polls were conducted by EKOS for the Toronto Star and Montreal's La Presse in Canada, and by other polling firms for newspapers in Britain, Mexico and Israel.

The survey suggests 62 per cent of Canadian respondents believe Bush has made the world less safe since he became president in 2001. The poll also indicates 34 per cent of Canadians felt Bush is a "great danger" to the world.

Canadians declared the American president the world's third most dangerous leader, behind North Korea's Kim Jong Il. Top spot went to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was fourth, while Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was fifth.

The most pessimistic responses came from Britain, where 69 per cent of people said American foreign policy has made the world less safe since 2001.

In fact, British respondents said Bush poses an even greater danger than Kim Jong Il.

"I think the primary issue that's driving public opinion about Bush in this country is the mess in Iraq right now," CTV's London Bureau Chief Tom Kennedy said Friday on Newsnet.

"This country never really supported the war, in spite of the fact that British Prime Minister Tony Blair tied himself to Bush and participated in the war in Iraq. And I think that's really dragged down public opinion about George Bush and I think, as well, about Tony Blair."

Canadians, meanwhile, have overwhelmingly soured on the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the poll suggests, with 73 per cent saying Washington had no justification for it. When EKOS asked Canadians the same question in April 2003 after the U.S. invasion, 53 per cent thought it was unjustified.

Israel was the only country where respondents were in favour of the U.S. invasion of Iraq -- with 59 per cent for the war and 34 per cent against. Only 23 per cent of Israelis said they felt Bush was a serious danger, with 61 percent disagreeing.

The survey was conducted in late October and involved about 1,000 people from each country. The results are considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.


The Bush administration cannot hide their fears from these elections. Experts add to that that these elections could result in Divided US government, which should affect the US foreign policy and have serious implications on Bush’s agenda (link).

The people of the United States must take every possible act, from participation to persuasion and raising awareness (link), to make an effect in these elections, to put as much pressure as possible on Chaney’s government to make them pull the troops from Iraq as early as yesterday.

Friday, October 27

Two days ago was Khalid's birthday!

And today ... *drums* ... is my birthday (0:

To be honest, birthdays do not mean parties and cakes for me, I don't find them very amusing since I can't convince myself that I'm but one day older than yesterday. To me, a birthday rather means a checkpoint in life...

Throughout the day of my birthday, I reflect on what have I done during the past year; I see birthdays as alarms, telling me that years are not moving-forward any slower. I evaluate how close have I got to achieve my goals in life, I consider how much have I modifiyed my goals.

I think that everyone should have that evaluation as the first thing in their to-do list when they first wake up, every morning. The Prophet Mohammed taught us "account yourselves (for the actions you do), before you are accounted (before the Lord in the final day)."

Today, I passed the first score of my life.

I'm not looking back now, but I'm very glad of where I currently am, and I am very optimistic with the soon to come.

Wednesday, October 25

Comment Section... open!

I'm definitely gonna regret this, hahaha.

I removed the comment moderation from Me vs. Myself, now ANYONE can comment on my posts, I'm sure this is gonna spice things up a little bit, although I hope I don't get my ulcers back because of it.

Tuesday, October 24

Today, a friend in Iraq replied to my Eid greetings with "We shall celebrate Eid only after the withdrawal of the last American soldier in Iraq."

On a side, yet related, note,

dad came back from China today, he showed me some of their currency... They have six languages written on their money notes!!
it's funny how they have all these different nationalities and ethnic groups living together, it's more strange how these groups are not fighting or on the sheer of a civil war, maybe because they don't have an illegal occupation, maybe because they don't have a sectarian government.

Iraqis want their country back. Iraqis want their sovereignty back. Iraqis want their life back.
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Sadly, the holy days of Ramadan are over.

But it should not be sad since Muslims celebrate in joy and happiness the three days of Eid il Fitr, wishing to each other the acceptance of their good deeds and what they offered to God during the holy days of Ramadan...

It should not be sad because Muslims are happy to have had the honor from God to live long enough to witness another Ramadan, a month in which God forgives all previous mistakes and sins, completely everything to absolutely anyone with no conditions but only repentance.

It should not be sad because Islam cancelled all festivals and holidays that Arabs had, and substituted them with two feasts, one announcing the end of fasting of Ramadan, and the other is announcing the Pilgrimage to the House of God in Mecca...

Truly, it should not be sad.

But, how come Eid is back this year, and I am so sad? Depressed? Frustrated?

It is not because of you, Eid.

It is because Ramadan was the bloodiest month Iraq ever witnessed, with an average of 41 Iraqi civilian deaths a day.

It is because Ramadan recorded high crimes in corruption. The holy month did not prevent, albeit morally, anyone of the collapsing government from stealing over 800 MILLION US DOLLARS, claiming they were to be spent on military equipment.

It is because the month of mercy did not mean anything to the Mehdi gangs who tortured and butchered the four Ubaidi brothers after attempting to rape their sisters.

Today was the first day of Eid in Iraq, people had to end their celebration before it began, with first morning soaked with blood of a score of Iraqi bodies.

If you could stop reading for one moment, and are capable of imagining that in your next Christmas, Yom Kappur, you name it... you will be spending the day in hospital, morgue or a graveyard, visiting remains of a friend or a relative...

If you could sense a tad of that pain you would have, then you will understand how life is going in Iraq.

Crimes in Iraq have become countless; numbers of victims are far beyond imagination, whenever it seems that the situation can'’t be more miserable, it keeps going worse. I still cannot believe that an Iraqi, who has lived through at least three bloody wars, a decade of economic sanctions, and several decades of a miserable life under a dictator regime would, after surviving all that, commit suicide.

It is not because of you, my dear Eid, I have become sad. It is because of what they have done to you.

I send a deep sigh from a wounded heart when recalling,

عيدٌ بأيِّ حالٍ عدتَ يا عيدُ بما مضى أم لأمـرٍفيكَ تجديدُ

O Eid, in what state did you return, O Eid?

As the previous times?

Or did you bring something new?

Eid did not return with anything new. It returned with the same illegal US occupation; it returned with the same redundant lies of Bush. It only came back with more misery in Iraq.

Hope that we, soon, witness the Eid which comes with peace and security on all Iraqis, Muslims and peoples of the world.

p.s: I am in Amman this week; at least I could achieve some temporary unity on a family-scale, since unity on any larger scale in Iraq is an increasing challenge approaching the impossible.

Wednesday, October 11

Riding the rollercoaster again…

For some God-only-knows-why reason, I received a dozen of emails these past three days asking if I were to blog again. Strangely, less than a dozen of people asked me that question during the entire past … oh my God, it’s been 7 months already!

Since March, I graduated from Cambridge Schools in Jordan with an IB diploma (you can a picture of me in their website giving the graduation speech). I applied to several universities in Canada, the US and across the Middle East. And I had some 4 months of no goals or duties at all. I wasted the first several weeks in eating and staying up for days and sleeping for some other days… then, for the first time in my life, I decided to do something productive in my summer. And I started reading…

And reading…

And reading…

I could build strong muscles with the weight of the books I’ve read this summer!

At first I was reading random things from here and there, I got a chance to read 1984 by George Orwell again; I had read it in Arabic when I was 11, and I couldn’t understand the symbolism; it actually puzzled me to think how Orwell knew so much about life in Iraq at that time ha ha.). I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and I suggest Americans should write his name on their flag. In philosophy I read The Ethics of Authenticity by Charles Taylor and I and Thou by Martin Buber, I found an online copy of Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and I skimmed throughout the novel. I read History of Arab Intellect (mom’s recommendation) by Dr. Omar Farookh, if this book is still not translated, then it’s certainly a loss for anyone who doesn’t read Arabic.

Then, I started reading in Islam…

I read dozens of books, in creed, Islamic jurisprudence (a.k.a. Fiqh) which is the knowledge of the laws and orders of Islam in worshipping, personal affairs as well as social affairs. I also read in the biography of the prophet (a.k.a. Seerah) which included history and sociology of Arabia before his birth, going in brief summary in his growing up and youthhood, then focusing in depth on his prophethood from age of 40 until his death at 63. The book illustrates the personal life of the prophet, his social life and the events he witnessed or participated in during his life. I wrote a post when the cartoon issue happened, and I put a link to the Seera of the prophet online with translations to most popular languages of the world.

Books can be very addictive; I couldn’t stop myself at only reading books, so I started going to scholars and attend classes; mostly held in mosques and sometimes in offices or even houses. The scholar – an Imam or a Sheikh- discusses a certain book with by reading it to the students and explaining it, then giving examples and asking questions. I attended many classes on Fiqh, Hadeeth [the sayings and habits of the prophet, they are the second source of Fiqh after the holy Quran], the study of validation of Hadeeth, etc… I started learning how to recite Quran properly, and I started to memorize it. I started to realize that we are made of a body and a soul, and they are two independent beings, each with its own necessities and desires. I started to discover what faith means.

Summer was in its peak, my life has dramatically changed direction, and just then I went through a life-changing experience; Omrah. I went with Khalid, along with some 40 engineering students from the University of Jordan [Khalid, however, went again couple of months later after I had left Jordan… He talked about what it means to go to Omrah, and he talks about his experience as well]

Medina, June 28th,

I definitely want to live here for the rest of my life…

I could not possibly explain the intensive level of spirituality in that city; I could almost feel the fluttering of wings of thousands of angels surrounding the hundreds of thousands of people praying in this place. Here, peace has a color, a texture, a smell…

Mecca was different, it was a place so prestigious that makes you feel so powerless, so dependent and in humiliating need for God. The spirituality that descends on you as you see hordes of people – wearing nothing but their coffins-, circumnutate around the Sacred House of God.

I came back from Omrah with a new identity, I began to see life through new lenses, I realized the purpose of my being. I have new definitions for words like Home, Peace and Prayer which resonate with deep meanings inside my heart.

It was mid July, I start to review on my life about to come; university was starting soon, which means having to tolerate social hypocrisy and a sole-materialistic life for several years. I was forcing myself to accept going back to the material world after a summer in heaven. I had to learn to live, and prove that I can live in this world.

I chose to go to The American University in Cairo. AUC should be my excellent choice, providing me with the level of academics I would get if I went to the US, while offering me a life in Cairo free from cultural shocks, and saves me from suffering life as a targeted minority.

I entered the campus with maximum level of defenses; an American University in the Middle East gives a norm of spoiled Arab and American Gucci kids. And I was preparing for a lot of suffering in order to establish myself in the highly-competitive community. I was surprised to discover that the spoiled American slice is a minority. There is a widely-spread diversity in students’ nationalities and classes. It was incredibly wonderful to meet several students like me; not as great and amazing and smart and humble as I am (since it’s certain that no one is ^_^), but at least in terms of spirituality and faith (most of them are engineers too!)

The arrival of Ramadan has greatly helped me settle in here. This is the first Ramadan I interact with alone, and its giving me a great chance to increase faith and enhance spirituality without having to be attached with family or lots of dinner parties. Socially, Ramadan has become a month of food for how much dinner parties occur in it. But I’m away from all this, and I am very glad to have become ascetic during this month; it’s cool when you live off your day with few dates and a glass of milk only...

I still need Ramadan to be over, and life to go a little less spiritually intense for me so I can figure out how should I stay active in politics and media, I was thinking of joining the AUC political newspaper, or I might minor in political science…

Iraq still posses a piece of mind, and Baghdad remains a deep-hearted wound, the present distances the thought of going back soon; it focuses instead on getting me well prepared to go.

I will go pray now…

Tuesday, March 7

This is Mohammed (may prayers and peace be upon him)

Khaled notified me of this e-book called “This is Mohammed”; a biography of the last prophet of God (may prayers be upon him).  

The book is free to read online or download as PDF, it’s available in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Dansk, etc…) and more translations are coming soon.

I was watching a conference today on TV (I think it was held by the Muslim World League, but I’m not sure) and it was talking about the possibility to open an website that contains Islamic books, sold and shipped to non-Muslims for free.

     I wasn’t very surprised, lately I started to notice new ‘unplanned campaign’ around, focusing on introducing people to Islam and its teachings, correcting misconceptions about Islam to non-Muslims and making Muslims more aware of their religion. Many Islamic books are being translated to English and French and other languages as well as several books are being written and published in other languages about Islam. Everyday I come across a new website with very basic and simple teachings and introductions about Islam to non-Muslims. Even here in Amman, at the entrance of every mosque now I started to see a bunch of Islamic books (for kids and adults) lying down for sale with prices as cheap as $2 a book.

Two days ago, the cab driver on my way home told me “I want to send a letter and thank that Danish newspaper; since they published the ‘pictures’ I found myself learning more about Islam and the prophet Mohammed, prayers be upon him.”

I smiled, I’m sure he did not want to thank them when was among the angry mobs holding these anti-Danish banners couple of weeks ago. I told him “hajj [slang for old man], ‘it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.’[Holy Quran]”

Thursday, February 16

By the way,

I found this video clip of James Blunt's which I think is interesting to watch.... It's called "no bravery".

I’ve been sick lately... Overwhelmed with all the disasters happening in Iraq as well as all the loads of work that need to be done soon... I'll get my thoughts and blog about it soon-ish…

I was reading the latest post on a blog of my friend’s, whetstone, yesterday… she was talking about the whole cartoons issue, from a neutral point of view, she seemed to be against the rage of Muslims as a reaction to the issue, but also she was against the cartoons after realizing that Jylland-posten was not promoting for freedom of expression, since they had refused publishing cartoons about Jesus couple of years ago so as not to offend its readers.

I have a right to criticize the dress or lifestyle choices of my next-door neighbor, but[I’d] better have a damned good reason to do so beyond the desire to demonstrate my freedom of expression. If we’re going to violate the most deeply held sensitivities of a group of people, shouldn’t we be getting something of value out of it? Because after I've had my say, the next morning my neighbor is still going to be right next door.

This made me think of the two main points that caused this issue: the ‘freedom of expression’ label of the Danish newspaper, and the ‘uncivilized’ rage of the Muslim communities and minorities around the world as a reaction to that…now I am writing this as my personal opinion, but I am also quoting some parts from the Quran and some part from sayings of the prophet Mohammed, in order to base my argument on what all Muslims, at least, believe to be the indisputable truth.

To make the importance of this issue clearer, I must say. These two vague points might be the main reasons for the uprising of this issue. The first one is that an average Muslim (and in that I mean an Arab Muslim living in an Arab country all his/her life...) does not really understand what freedom of speech is. This is really not because it's not found in Islam or such. On the contrary, the prophet Mohammed always respected that right for everyone, and also many Muslim leaders who followed His path (however, that does not include any Arab or Muslim leader who ruled during the last 40 years, and that’s maybe the reason why Muslims were ‘made forget’ the meaning of freedom of expression), there had been always a certain respect for non-Muslim people in Islam, whether they were minorities in a Muslim state, or peoples of other states.

Islam commands Muslims to always act with good behavior and respond in a better way to everything; Quran taught Muslims to be merciful and forgiving before all:

“The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (i.e. Allah ordered the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly), then verily! He; between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend.”[Holy Quran, Fussilat: 34, Mohsin Khan Translation]

Islam asks for patience even when this freedom of expression reaches to extremist acts against Muslims. Although Islam allows Muslims to pay back if they were discriminated against or wronged, it still promotes forgiveness over revenge.

“Allah does not like that the evil should be uttered in public except by him who has been wronged. And Allah is Ever AllHearer, AllKnower. (148) Whether you (mankind) disclose (by good words of thanks) a good deed (done to you in the form of a favour by someone), or conceal it, or pardon an evil, verily! Allah is Ever OftPardoning, AllPowerful. (149)” [Holy Quran, An-nisaa’, Mohsin Khan Translation]

Like the story of the next-door Jew neighbor of the prophet who used throw his garbage everyday in front of the house of the prophet and the prophet would hop over it in his way in and out, until one day he did not find that garbage he went to visit his neighbor and check what happened [out of worry] and it turned out that the Jew was actually sick.

Islam respected freedom of belief of everyone, and set rules of treating people of different beliefs: for Christians and Jews there were so many rights for them in Islam –sometimes to the point that they are treated equally with Muslims in a Islamic community- for other peoples of different creeds, Islam had rules and regulations to give rights to those peoples too. The prophet Mohammed –May prayers be upon Him- says “He who hurt a follower of the scripture [Christian or Jew] is like he hurt me”. Also in Quran it is clearly stated:

“And insult not those whom they worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fairseeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall then inform them of all that they used to do.” [Holy Quran, Al-an’aam: 108, Mohsin Khan Translation].

After the death of prophet, people started finding it hard to spread Islam to other peoples, for that they were not able to persuade like the prophet himself used to do. At that point, Islamic philosophy started to grow, people needed to learn the methods of argument in order to persuade the other, instead of learning how to use the sword. Many stories tell about such arguments between Jews and Muslim about Islam or between atheists and Muslims. In that aspect, Muslims did give rights of freedom of expression to others and always left the doors of invitation to Islam open to anyone, either by persuasive arguments or by good morals, behavior and treatment to non-Muslims.

This is what Islam is truly about. However this doesn’t mean that Muslim countries is ruled with; this is rarely practiced in today’s Muslim world since all Arab, Kurdish (!), and non-Arab leaders of Muslim Countries, serve not their people as Muslim rulers of Islamic Countries based on the Politics of Islam. But rather serve a world power (that is the USA) based on the benefits of that power over their people, using dictatorial regimes to impose their authority, eliminating any true freedom of expression. These dictatorships now for a fact -and has been proven over and over-, that if democracy is used to rule people, the right-winged Muslim extremists will be in power (read about elections in Algeria, Palestine, Iraq and Iran for more details.) and so, the solution for the current dictators to leave people in an illusion of democracy, like in Jordan, where you have completely no censorship over media nor internet, but if you happen to burn the flag of the United States of America in public, you will be sentenced for 3 years in jail. (While it’s your true freedom of expression to burn the flag of the USA inside the USA!)

Let’s move to the second vague point, why Muslims were so raged about the cartoons?!

No really, I mean… the prophet has been dead for 1416 years already, why would ALL Muslims– like if they had planned it out long time before or something- get so raged and go all mad about it?

I’m not asking the question because I don’t know the answer to it (because I am about to answer, or at least suggest an answer), I’m just trying to sound like an ‘outside’ observer; someone who’s got nothing to do with this, living in the Bahamas [hey Chantez!] and watching the news in his PDA as he’s walking by the beach…

The point is, the prophet Mohammed is not like a God for Muslims or anything close to that, he was just an illiterate good man, who ,unlike his tribe and all the tribes around him, never worshipped idols, and believed that there’s a One God who created everything, who deserves to be worshipped… his meditations for over 20 years searching for that God eventually ended with God sending him an angel (Gabriel, that is, same angel that came down on Jesus, Mosses, and all the messengers before) and teaching him the Quran; which is a part of the scripture (just like the Torah and the Bible) and commanding him to deliver it to the entire humanity.

Through Quran, God taught Muslims the value of the prophet Mohammed, in so many different ways. One of the most important and relevant is the verse

“Say (O Mohammed, to the believers): If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause, then wait until Allah brings about His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are Al-Fasiqoon (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah).” [Holy Quran, At-tawbah: 24, Mohsin Khan Translation]

With that, it became a command on all Muslims, that loving the prophet is more precious than any of those, in saying and acting. Hence,offending the prophet is more offending to every and each Muslim, more than offending their own mothers, fathers, sons, family, homes, wealth and everything they posses…Imagine how

insulting that is!

In Arab countries, insulting one’s mother, sister, family, tribe, etc… is often referred to as ‘honor crime’. Even the constitutional law can’t solve these crimes. Even to the point that, for instance, a person kills someone for insulting his mother, will get a reduced sentence than of a person who just kills. And I mean reduced, as in, get 5 years instead of a lifer!

From the other hand, as Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed himself to hold the sins of Christians, and how this creates this ‘love’ or this ‘gratitude’ to Jesus for doing that for their sake. Muslims too are very ‘grateful’ to the prophet (albeit in a different way) and they have that ‘appreciation’ to him that he showed them the path to Islam [of course, the main gratitude goes to God himself for sending
Mohammed, and then to Mohammed because he was loyal to God and he delivered the message as requested.] this is due to realizing and acting upon what God said,

“Verily, there has come unto you a Messenger (Muhammad, may prayers and peace be upon him) from amongst yourselves (i.e. whom you know well). It grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty. He (Muhammad, may prayers and peace be upon him) is anxious over you (to be rightly guided, to repent to Allah, and beg Him to pardon and forgive your sins, in order that you may enter Paradise and be saved from the punishment of the Hell-fire), for the believers (he, may prayers be upon him is) full of pity, kind, and merciful.” [Holy Quran, Al-Tawbah: 128, Mohsin Khan Translation]

this pity, kindness and mercy of the prophet exceeded the Muslim Nation, so he said “every monotheist will enter paradise, except he who would refuse” and his companions asked him “who would refuse, O apostle of Allah?” and He said “who follows my path [having known it] enters the paradise, and who does not follow my path [having known it] is the one who refuses [to go to paradise]”.

It’s an essential part of creed of a Muslim then, to follow, respect, and love, as well as cherish the prophet Mohammed more than any thing else in life. And sacrificing one’s soul for the protection of the prophet [from being offended, insulted or so] is just one thing a Muslim would do to pay back that gratitude.

Wednesday, February 15

Encountering The Other

When Martin Buber -The German-Jewish Existentialist Philosopher- wrote his I and Thou, Hitler then was still in prison, and it was Buber’s opportunity to make a call, through this book, to the Germans teaching them how to establish I-Thou Relationships with the Jews, asking both to try to coexist peacefully. Buber’s message was also directed to the ‘Western Civilization’; he described these western communities as if they were living in an I-It world, incapable of establishing mutual relationships with the other. Instead they can only experience the other, analyze the other and make judgments about the other.

Such community would collapse if non-benefit relationships where established within, because these communities were built on I-It relationships. However, Buber argues, without that mutual relationship, without accepting the other as a whole in an encounter rather than an experience, people will lose the only virtue that separates man from machines.

Just when communities, organizations, peoples and individuals, no longer see Iraqi casualties but as heartbreaking objects, and start to see the world through the pain of these humans, just then everyone will feel the need to act.

As much as I am not usually excited about reading books, I and Thou, with its philosophical reflections and aphorist writing, had left me with an interesting perspective about the relationships established among and within communities; just an idea of how people are treating certain groups of people, Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghanis, Chechens, etc… and how they should treat them.

Tuesday, February 14

Site Enhancements


It’s 6:20am, I have a philosophy trial examination this afternoon; I have to write a philosophical analysis essay on an extract taken from a book I’m studying now: Matrin Buber’s I and Thou. Since reading this book made me feel very useless, I felt like doing something good and useful for the world.

I’ve added new things to my blog, featuring Comment Section , RSS Site Feed, as well as updating my profile and this post!

Wait; don’t get all thrilled about the comment section. Please take a moment to read The Comment Section Disclaimer first:

  1. In this disclaimer, The Moderator, I, Me, or Myself whereas mentioned refers to the person of Majed Jarrar. The Readers refers to everyone else reading this.

  1. The Moderator is not going to bother himself, Me, Myself or The Readers reading any comment that doesn’t sound nice enough according to the moderator’s own opinion, hence such comments that have the potential tendency to disturb the moderators mood will be deleted. If you feel that your freedom is insulted according to this law, please feel more than free to post any thoughts and/or opinions you have on jylland-posten newspaper.

Saturday, February 11

Forgot to mention, it was white yesterday... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 9

"A Message to the World..."

Amr Khaled, a Young Muslim Da3iya [literally: inviter, someone like a preacher] and one of the top 10 most influential characters on the Arab and Muslim Youth all around the world [according to a survey made by Newsweek one year ago], has broadcasted a message (to the Muslim youth, the Muslim nation, the western civilization and the entire world) where he ‘tries to’ explain why Muslims got so raged because of the published cartoons issue. Surely, it does not say it is because they lack a sense of humor, but it describes to non-Muslims the value of this issue in Islam and to Muslims…To see the message, click here, [you might need to know Arabic to understand what he is talking about.]If you don’t, then Learn Arabic with Mom, or you could read the message script translated to English.

I received an email from the president of the Society of Energy Conservation and Sustainable Environment in Jordan Dr. Ayoub Abu Diyyeh (who happens to be my philosophy professor) about a petition against the amendment of the Agriculture Law in Jordan. This amendment, if passed, will allow the privatization/purchasing of the Forest reserves in Jordan (by investors or tourism companies).

Please support the act by signing this petition, or send a letter to the Prime Minister of Jordan at: marouf.b (at) or info (at)

The translation of the amendment is not online yet, but basically here what it says:

1) This Law shall be called (the amendment for the agriculture law for the year 2005) and it shall be read along with law number 44 for the year 2002 as one law. This law will be applicable from the day it will be posted in public newspapers.


3) Article 28 of the original law shall be cancelled and replaced with the following script:
a- Forest reserves should not be handed over to any persons or agencies, or privatized, sold or swapped. This excludes the forest reserves that the council of ministers decides basing on a recommendation from the specialized minister or agency, to allow investing companies/corporations or any other agency to establish investment projects in the governorates that needs a social or economical development on these forest reserves, with the condition of saving the environment and trees in the agriculture areas or moving them to somewhere else.
b- in exception of the forest reserves on which investment projects were established according to section (a) of this article, no forest reserves are allowed to be recorded in the boundaries of the municipalities unless those with a permission from the minister. Like wise, forest reserves should not be divided into the boundaries of municipality or have its purpose of use changed.

This petition is sponsored by The Royal Society for the Conversation of Nature (RSCN).

Oh dear, I sound like a Canadian now. (

Saturday, February 4

Mohammed, 9alla Allah 3alayhi wa Sallam...

Sami Yousuf, a Muslim British Photographer who had recently entered the music business, started to sing about Islam and good morals and such. He had released a video clip almost one year ago, called Al-Mou'allim [The Teacher], about The Prophet Mohammed -May Prayers be upon Him-. I just thought that maybe spreading the word about This Song would be a good idea since it's performed mainly in English; it talks about the personality of the last Prophet of Allah and the morals He taught...

if any of you want to link it to your website, the URL is:

[N.B. you need Real Player to run the song...]

Monday, January 30

Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Denmark

Dear all,
Below (the previous post) is a letter to the minister of foreign affairs in Denmark, regarding what the Danish newspaper "Jyllands Posten" had published on September 30th, 2005, showing 12 caricatures ridiculing the prophet Mohammad last messenger of God –May prayers be upon Him-.  The caricatures were part of a contest made by the same newspaper to show the funniest cartoons that show the prophet Mohammad. One caricature showed the prophet wearing a turban-shaped bomb and other caricatures showed him in horrendous positions. This is a very humiliating act toward every Muslim on the globe.
This petition is very important because it's an attack against one-fifth of the population of the world (est. 1,300,000,000 Muslims in the world today), and it’s important because it breaks the code of ethics of the International World Federation Council of Media and Media-People, which explicitly prohibits any action or behavior that might raise the risk of discrimination against any group of people based on their religion, sex or any social differences. This is exactly what the Danish newspaper had done with that unacceptable hideous action.

This is an attack against Islam and the Muslim population of the world, this is also an attack against Christianity and Judaism; Mohammad after all brought a message from the same one God who sent the massage to Jesus and Mosses, prophets of God -may peace be upon them-. This is also an attack against anyone who wants to live in a world free of discrimination; who amongst us accepts to see their religion being insulted in public media?

Please, help your Muslim brothers and sisters around the world saving the dignity of this religion; help us stop the discrimination against any peoples around the globe.

You may send the attached document to the email of the Danish ministry of foreign affairs at

It would be very appreciated if you help spreading the message around as much as you can.

Thank you and God bless you all.
أرسل خطابك لنصرة نبيك صلى الله عليه وسلم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

هذا خطاب أعد لإرساله إلى وزارة الخارجية الدنمركية نأمل منك أخي الكريم بعد قراءة الخطاب ما يلي :

أولاً : نسخ هذه الصيغة المرفقة إلى بريدك الخاص .

ثانياً : نسخ بريد وزارة الخارجية الدنمركية  ( الجهة المخولة بتلقي هذه العريضة ) في خانة المرسل إليه .

ثالثاً : احتساب الأجر في إرسالها ونشرها بين من تعرف من إخوانك وعدم التقاعس في ذلك .

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The Petition

[Please copy the letter to your mailbox and then send it to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

To: ّDr. Per Stig Mller, Minister of the foreign affairs of the Denmark

Your Excellency,

We have reviewed what some of the news agencies dealt with concerning the Danish news agency Jyllands-Posten had published, which I believe it to be a heinous mistake and dreadful deviation from the path of justice, reverence and equality. The said agency published 12 cartoon caricatures on the 30th of September, 2005, ridiculing The Messenger Mohammed. One of these cartoons pictures Allah's Messenger (prayers be upon him), wearing a turban that resembles a bomb wrapped around his head. What a pathetic projection! The news and the cartoons were horrifying and extremely disturbing to us.

We believe all Muslims who read, viewed or learned about this news were equally saddened, disappointed and disturbed. All criticized such work and felt awful and dismayed about it. Similarly, I do believe that all sane and wise people would feel the same about it.

The contemporary world is witnessing today great much confusion all over. Innocent blood is being shed. Innocent lives are being harvested by oppression and transgression. We are in utmost need to spread peace, justice and love all over the world. We need to call for the respect and reverence of all Divine and heavenly Messages and Scriptures. By doing so, we would be able to preserve the divine messages and demonstrate love, appreciation and reverence to the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty to this world.
We would further help to preserve the souls, honor and belongings of all mankind all-over-the-world. We would further demonstrate the respect and honor of the human rights all over the world.

The claim of Jyllands-Posten newspaper that they allow, promote and practice freedom-of-speech, by publishing cartoons ridiculing Mohammed the Prophet of Islam, is a non-convincing claim. All worlds' constitutions and international organizations insist on and demand to respect all the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty. Moreover, they confirm the necessity to respect the Divine Messages, respect others and do not attack the privacy, dignity and honor and principles of others.

In the International World Federation Council of media and press people, it is stated:

  • Media people must be alert of risks that may arise as a result of prejudice and discrimination implied by the media. The Council would exert every possible effort to avoid being involved in such calls, which are based on prejudice and religion, sex or other social differences discrimination.

  • A media man may commit a dangerous professional deviation such as: claiming other's work, ill-interpretation of facts, false accusations of others, condemning others for no basis, accusing others with their integrity and honor for no sound basis or accepting bribes to either publish or prevent the publishing of specific materials.

  • A noteworthy media-person should believe that it is their duty to give an honest attention to the aforementioned items and through the general framework of the law in each country.

Therefore, we also base our opinion and/or statements herein on an honest and sound media proclamation requesting the Danish newspaper to apologize for what they did. The proclamations states: "The media person would exert every possible effort to correct, modify any published information that he/she noticed that they are inaccurate and/or harmful to others."

Undoubtedly, what the Danish newspaper; Jyllands-Posten published is harmful not only for more than two hundred thousand Danish citizen, but also to more than one-billion-three-hundred-million Muslims along with others who are fair and just people. All these hurt people honor, respect and love Mohammed the Prophet. This action will continue to hurt and harm all Muslims so long we live on this earth. Denmark, if does not deal with this problem on a fair ground, will also continue to be a source of harm and convulsion to many Muslims. This is because of the mentality of some Danish individuals who are anti-prophets, messengers and divine messages.

We would like to remind also with the decree which the Human Rights Agency in the United Nations adopted on the 12th of April, 2005. This decree insisted on the ban of distortions and vicious attacks against religions and especially Islam; which had been strongly attacked during the last few years.

Finally, we would like to inform you that all Muslims will certainly stop their commercial business dealing with Denmark until the Danish Government openly and officially apologize for the shameful attack to the person of Allah's Messenger –may prayers be upon Him- by Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

سعادة وزير الخارجية الدنماركي : الدكتور بير ستج مولر

        السلام على من اتبع الهدى،

     لقد اطلعت على ما تناقلته بعض وكالات الأنباء من اقتراف الصحيفة الدنمركية (جيلاندز بوستن/Jyllands-Posten,) لخطأ شنيع وانحراف فظيع بنشرها ( 12 ) رسما ( كاريكاتيريا ) أو ساخرا يوم الجمعة 26 شعبان 1426هـ / 30 سبتمبر 2005 تصور الرسول  في أشكال مختلفة  وفي أحد الرسوم يظهر مرتديا عمامة تشبه قنبلة ملفوفة حول رأسه !!.

    ولما بلغني الخبر كدرني كثيرا وأصابني بهم كبير، وأحزنني حزنا عظيما، وقد عمدت بنفسي للنظر في موقع الصحيفة المذكورة على شبكة المعلومات العالمية (الإنترنت)، حتى وقفت على موقع الجريدة (Jyllands-Posten, ) في صفحاتها الصادرة بتاريخ (30. September 2005 ) فكان الخبر ليس كالمعاينة، حيث هالني ما رأيته، واقشعر جسمي، وبلغ بي ذلك كل مبلغ في النكير والاستهجان والامتعاض.

    وهكذا كان الشأن عند عامة أهل الإسلام ممن بلغهم الخبر، حيث كان هذا العمل محل انتقاد واستهجان لديهم، ولدى غيرهم من العقلاء في أرجاء الأرض .

    لا يخفى أن العالم اليوم يشهد اضطرابات عديدة ، أريقت فيها الدماء وأزهقت الأرواح ، بغيا وعدوانا ، بما يجعلنا أحوج ما نكون لنشر أسباب السلم والعدل ، وخاصة احترام الشرائع السماوية واحترام الأنبياء والمرسلين .

    فهذا المسلك يتحقق به حفظ ضرورات البشر في أرواحهم وأعراضهم وأموالهم ، وغير ذلك من حقوقهم ومقومات عيشهم الكريم .

إن ادعاء صحيفة ( Jyllands-Posten ) حرية التعبير في نشرها لتلك الرسوم الساخرة من محمد رسول الله  ، ادعاء غير مسلم ولا مقنع ، لأن جميع دساتير العالم ومنظماته تؤكد على احترام الرسل، وعلى احترام الشرائع السماوية ، واحترام الآخرين وعدم الطعن فيهم بلا بينة.

    وقد جاء في ميثاق شرف المجلس العالمي للفيدرالية الدولية للصحفيين ما نصه:

-                          على الصحفي التنبه للمخاطر التي قد تنجم عن التمييز والتفرقة اللذين قد يدعو إليهما الإعلام، وسيبذل كل ما بوسعه لتجنب القيام بتسهيل مثل هذه الدعوات التي قد تكون مبنية على أساس عنصري أو الجنس أو اللغة أو الدين أو المعتقدات السياسية وغيرها من المعتقدات أو الجنسية أو الأصل الاجتماعي.

-                          سيقوم الصحفي باعتبار ما سيأتي على ذكره على أنه تجاوز مهني خطير: الانتحال، التفسير بنية السوء، الافتراء، الطعن، القذف، الاتهام على غير أساس، قبول الرشوة سواء من أجل النشر أو لإخفاء المعلومات.

-                          على الصحافيين الجديرين بصفتهم هذه أن يؤمنوا أن من واجبهم المراعاة الأمينة للمبادئ التي تم ذكرها. ومن خلال الإطار العام للقانون في كل دولة .

    ولذلك حين نطالب الصحيفة والحكومة الدنماركية بالاعتذار وبمنع تلك الإساءات لاحقا فإننا نعتمد أيضا على ميثاق صحفي شريف، جاء فيه : (سيقوم الصحافي ببذل أقصى طاقته لتصحيح وتعديل معلومات نشرت ووجد بأنها غير دقيقة على نحو مسيء).

     ولا شك أن ما نشرته صحيفة (Jyllands-Posten) الدنماركية مسيء لأكثر من مائتي ألف من مواطني الدنمارك، ومسيء لأكثر من مليار وثلاثمائة مليون شخص، ومعهم غيرهم من المنصفين من أصحاب الملل الأخرى، كلهم يعظمون رسول الله محمد  .

    وسيبقى ذلك العمل مسيئا لكل المسلمين ما بقيت هذه الحياة على وجه الأرض، وستبقى الدنمارك ـ إذا لم تعالج هذه الإساءة ـ مصدر قرف واشمئزاز ، بسبب بعض العقليات التي تقطن فيها،وتعادي الرسل والشرائع السماوية وتسخر بها.

    ونذكِّر في هذا المقام بالقرار الذي تبنته لجنة حقوق الإنسان التابعة للأمم المتحدة، ( بتاريخ 3/3/1426 هـ - الموافق12/4/2005 م ) الداعي إلى محاربة تشويه الأديان، لاسيما الإسلام، الذي زادت وتيرة تشويهه في الأعوام الأخيرة وللأسف الشديد .

    وأخيرا أود إخبارك بان جميع المسلمين سيوقفون التعامل التجاري مع الدنمارك حتى يتم الاعتذار بشكل رسمي وعلني من العمل الذي أقدمت عليه الجريدة ضد الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم .