Thursday, February 9

"A Message to the World..."

Amr Khaled, a Young Muslim Da3iya [literally: inviter, someone like a preacher] and one of the top 10 most influential characters on the Arab and Muslim Youth all around the world [according to a survey made by Newsweek one year ago], has broadcasted a message (to the Muslim youth, the Muslim nation, the western civilization and the entire world) where he ‘tries to’ explain why Muslims got so raged because of the published cartoons issue. Surely, it does not say it is because they lack a sense of humor, but it describes to non-Muslims the value of this issue in Islam and to Muslims…To see the message, click here, [you might need to know Arabic to understand what he is talking about.]If you don’t, then Learn Arabic with Mom, or you could read the message script translated to English.