Thursday, February 9

I received an email from the president of the Society of Energy Conservation and Sustainable Environment in Jordan Dr. Ayoub Abu Diyyeh (who happens to be my philosophy professor) about a petition against the amendment of the Agriculture Law in Jordan. This amendment, if passed, will allow the privatization/purchasing of the Forest reserves in Jordan (by investors or tourism companies).

Please support the act by signing this petition, or send a letter to the Prime Minister of Jordan at: marouf.b (at) or info (at)

The translation of the amendment is not online yet, but basically here what it says:

1) This Law shall be called (the amendment for the agriculture law for the year 2005) and it shall be read along with law number 44 for the year 2002 as one law. This law will be applicable from the day it will be posted in public newspapers.


3) Article 28 of the original law shall be cancelled and replaced with the following script:
a- Forest reserves should not be handed over to any persons or agencies, or privatized, sold or swapped. This excludes the forest reserves that the council of ministers decides basing on a recommendation from the specialized minister or agency, to allow investing companies/corporations or any other agency to establish investment projects in the governorates that needs a social or economical development on these forest reserves, with the condition of saving the environment and trees in the agriculture areas or moving them to somewhere else.
b- in exception of the forest reserves on which investment projects were established according to section (a) of this article, no forest reserves are allowed to be recorded in the boundaries of the municipalities unless those with a permission from the minister. Like wise, forest reserves should not be divided into the boundaries of municipality or have its purpose of use changed.

This petition is sponsored by The Royal Society for the Conversation of Nature (RSCN).

Oh dear, I sound like a Canadian now. (

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