Tuesday, February 14

Site Enhancements


It’s 6:20am, I have a philosophy trial examination this afternoon; I have to write a philosophical analysis essay on an extract taken from a book I’m studying now: Matrin Buber’s I and Thou. Since reading this book made me feel very useless, I felt like doing something good and useful for the world.

I’ve added new things to my blog, featuring Comment Section , RSS Site Feed, as well as updating my profile and this post!

Wait; don’t get all thrilled about the comment section. Please take a moment to read The Comment Section Disclaimer first:

  1. In this disclaimer, The Moderator, I, Me, or Myself whereas mentioned refers to the person of Majed Jarrar. The Readers refers to everyone else reading this.

  1. The Moderator is not going to bother himself, Me, Myself or The Readers reading any comment that doesn’t sound nice enough according to the moderator’s own opinion, hence such comments that have the potential tendency to disturb the moderators mood will be deleted. If you feel that your freedom is insulted according to this law, please feel more than free to post any thoughts and/or opinions you have on jylland-posten newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back online again Majed!