Tuesday, March 7

This is Mohammed (may prayers and peace be upon him)

Khaled notified me of this e-book called “This is Mohammed”; a biography of the last prophet of God (may prayers be upon him).  

The book is free to read online or download as PDF, it’s available in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Dansk, etc…) and more translations are coming soon.

I was watching a conference today on TV (I think it was held by the Muslim World League, but I’m not sure) and it was talking about the possibility to open an amazon.com-kind-of website that contains Islamic books, sold and shipped to non-Muslims for free.

     I wasn’t very surprised, lately I started to notice new ‘unplanned campaign’ around, focusing on introducing people to Islam and its teachings, correcting misconceptions about Islam to non-Muslims and making Muslims more aware of their religion. Many Islamic books are being translated to English and French and other languages as well as several books are being written and published in other languages about Islam. Everyday I come across a new website with very basic and simple teachings and introductions about Islam to non-Muslims. Even here in Amman, at the entrance of every mosque now I started to see a bunch of Islamic books (for kids and adults) lying down for sale with prices as cheap as $2 a book.

Two days ago, the cab driver on my way home told me “I want to send a letter and thank that Danish newspaper; since they published the ‘pictures’ I found myself learning more about Islam and the prophet Mohammed, prayers be upon him.”

I smiled, I’m sure he did not want to thank them when was among the angry mobs holding these anti-Danish banners couple of weeks ago. I told him “hajj [slang for old man], ‘it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.’[Holy Quran]”


Anonymous said...

Hi Majed!
I think this is an important path to follow, I mean trying to explain Islam and its culture to non muslim. It's important because I know there is too much ignorance and unconsciousness about Islam, so many people here in Italy are lead on by media and have lot of biased opinion about your religion and culture. Fortunally, one of my best friend is muslim, so we could speak about the differences between our cultures and in the end I think they are only a few.
So, the most important thing is speaking and also debate but always trying to understand and respect other people's opinions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Majed, I just read your Sheehan poll. Hmm, tough one to answer, even though I have volunteered myself for arrest, I still had to chose "don't know" about whether it would affect American opinion.

This is because, deep down inside, the issue for me is not to change people's opinion about the war (although my opinion is that the war was and is wrong) but to keep attention on the war, otherwise the war may dissolve off the media radar, and get lost, or forgotten, even as it continues, a little like how things went after the 1991 events (and many now regret those sanctions, which so many Iraqis suffered under and so many in the west new nil about).

That is one of the reasons I volunteered myself for arrest, and also to draw attention to the prison issue in general - ie the Abu Ghraibs and the Guantanamo Bays. I suppose you could call the Sheehan excercise a kind of creative pre-emptive protest, rather then an attempt to change anyone's mind (as many minds, I believe, are pro-peace and against war, even those who do not say it in so many words).

Some peace activists in the west are aware they run the risk, politics being as they are right now, of arrest, so what better way to thwart the power of arrest - political arrests being really only designed to scare people into silence - then by smilingly requesting it. At least, this is how some peace activists think.

Anonymous said...

This is such a pity

Iraqi Police Find 87 Bodies in 24 Hours

Anonymous said...

Hi Majed,
Dont you think you should teach Islam to muslims before you teach it to non-muslims. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in the name of jihad. I am sure it would not have been written any where in the koran about such killings for the sake of martyrdom or for the sake of revenge. But millions of muslims are made to believe that it is true.

Though the cartoons have done some good for the people, they gave more power to the fundamentalist jehadi muslims to exploit the muslim people weaknesses and make them into human bombs. What is your take on jehad? You have never talked about it in any of your posts?


Unknown said...

Sallam Majeed,

Your mother, May ALlah bless her, has done much to spread truth in the US about women and Islam. She is amazing.
It can be hard, but as we go through life, people ask and we can share about Islam.. After all, this is how I became a muslimah :)
Thanks for your posts.. I have enjoyed your family's posts, and everything by your mother. She is really someone I admire.


None333333 said...

The problem with explaining the Koran to non-Muslims is we hear quotes such as yours of positive thinkg in the Koran.

But then all over the news and in the papers, these jihadists are using Islam to justify their violent speech against the West.

To a non-Muslim this is very confusing. We want to believe Muslims have good intentions but in the media we constantly hear of the Jihadists/Islamists/Wahabis who are always calling us infidels and yelling about destroying us and blowing us up and exterminating our culture. They are saying this is justified in Koran.

So to me, these people are your worst problem.

Anonymous said...

hi Majed,

i live in Australia, a "multicultural" nation.
My opinoin is: I think all reces and religions should stay where they came from because it causes too much trouble in a "multicultural" society.
Dont get me wrong, i love the fact that i can live next door to an italian or a greek or be friends with a muslim, but it is very hard for some people to accept other people's views and religions and traditions. I had a debate with my Christian friends (catholics and anglicans and i am greek orthodox) about the fact that we cant understand what muslims go through because we were just brought up differently and that all muslims arnt terrorists! One of my friends has it in her head that all muslims want to kill non-muslims because the Qur'an states that all other religions are wrong, but i remember reading that phrase, in my catholic education, in the bible!
We can say alot of bad things about all races, like the French are rude and the Greeks are Lazy or the Italians are all in the Mafia, but we all know that not everyone in those races are like that!

My mum always said to me when i was growing up that "we all cut the same and bleed the colour red"
I am also a non-muslim reading (or trying to understand) the Qur'an to understand muslims and the religion. I'm am also going to read the Bible because i want to win religious debates and prove everyone wrong! haha

I do think that we need to educate non-muslims about the REAL muslim religion!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I think it is wonderful that you obviously consider yourself one who is very devoute to God, I assume.

The difficult thing for me to understand is how it is that you see this devoutedness to God as being gained through your prophet since based on what I have read of him, he really was not always the just, fair and holy man that many Muslims claim him to be. I believe that like all people, he had some good in him, but, his humaness was only too apparent as evidenced through his many marriages, harsh ideas of justice (understandable of a man growing up in those times) and desire to become powerful in many lands by spreading the religion and making people who did not "surrender" pay the jizayah - this is simply fact so I cannot see how it could anger you for someone to be stating simple fact.

Also, I do not understand the significance of the Kaaba - was that not a Pagan symbol prayed to by your prophets pagan relatives? Additionally, I question the significance of the moon and cannot understand the reason for its worship in Islam because it is only one of the many wonderous creations of God in our universe.

I suppose my point is that it is wonderful that you are a religious person, but why do you attribute it to someone who was not all that pious himself but quite human and subject to the sinfulness of humanity??

Why can we not just say that you are a person who loves God, who wants to please God by living in peace and love with your neighbours despite their religion/lack of religion, leaving judgement of all up to Him, until one day, you receive whatever reward awaits in the afterlife - I think that is quite enough.

Your thoughts on this are very, very important as I seek to understand the reasoning of devout Muslims so please do spend some time commenting and this would be quite appreciated as one human being to another. Thanks and good day.