Wednesday, October 25

Comment Section... open!

I'm definitely gonna regret this, hahaha.

I removed the comment moderation from Me vs. Myself, now ANYONE can comment on my posts, I'm sure this is gonna spice things up a little bit, although I hope I don't get my ulcers back because of it.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that I now can let you know that I find your blog very enlightening!

I read your mothers quite often as well. I was pleased to see her in the Michael Franti documentery " I know I'm Not Alone"

I wish you and your country men & women Peace!


Majed Jarrar said...

Thanks Jennifer!

was Mom on Michael Franti's documentary?!


I really didn't know wallahi!
I came back from Cairo last week and I found that mom can now speak French!!!!

Aren't we an impressive family?!
hahaha, very humble too indeed :P

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is such a smart woman!

She was indeed on Michael Franti's Doc.

A very impressive family indeed! :)


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