Tuesday, October 24

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Sadly, the holy days of Ramadan are over.

But it should not be sad since Muslims celebrate in joy and happiness the three days of Eid il Fitr, wishing to each other the acceptance of their good deeds and what they offered to God during the holy days of Ramadan...

It should not be sad because Muslims are happy to have had the honor from God to live long enough to witness another Ramadan, a month in which God forgives all previous mistakes and sins, completely everything to absolutely anyone with no conditions but only repentance.

It should not be sad because Islam cancelled all festivals and holidays that Arabs had, and substituted them with two feasts, one announcing the end of fasting of Ramadan, and the other is announcing the Pilgrimage to the House of God in Mecca...

Truly, it should not be sad.

But, how come Eid is back this year, and I am so sad? Depressed? Frustrated?

It is not because of you, Eid.

It is because Ramadan was the bloodiest month Iraq ever witnessed, with an average of 41 Iraqi civilian deaths a day.

It is because Ramadan recorded high crimes in corruption. The holy month did not prevent, albeit morally, anyone of the collapsing government from stealing over 800 MILLION US DOLLARS, claiming they were to be spent on military equipment.

It is because the month of mercy did not mean anything to the Mehdi gangs who tortured and butchered the four Ubaidi brothers after attempting to rape their sisters.

Today was the first day of Eid in Iraq, people had to end their celebration before it began, with first morning soaked with blood of a score of Iraqi bodies.

If you could stop reading for one moment, and are capable of imagining that in your next Christmas, Yom Kappur, you name it... you will be spending the day in hospital, morgue or a graveyard, visiting remains of a friend or a relative...

If you could sense a tad of that pain you would have, then you will understand how life is going in Iraq.

Crimes in Iraq have become countless; numbers of victims are far beyond imagination, whenever it seems that the situation can'’t be more miserable, it keeps going worse. I still cannot believe that an Iraqi, who has lived through at least three bloody wars, a decade of economic sanctions, and several decades of a miserable life under a dictator regime would, after surviving all that, commit suicide.

It is not because of you, my dear Eid, I have become sad. It is because of what they have done to you.

I send a deep sigh from a wounded heart when recalling,

عيدٌ بأيِّ حالٍ عدتَ يا عيدُ بما مضى أم لأمـرٍفيكَ تجديدُ

O Eid, in what state did you return, O Eid?

As the previous times?

Or did you bring something new?

Eid did not return with anything new. It returned with the same illegal US occupation; it returned with the same redundant lies of Bush. It only came back with more misery in Iraq.

Hope that we, soon, witness the Eid which comes with peace and security on all Iraqis, Muslims and peoples of the world.

p.s: I am in Amman this week; at least I could achieve some temporary unity on a family-scale, since unity on any larger scale in Iraq is an increasing challenge approaching the impossible.

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murid_aisha said...

Hope your Eid with family was well. Sorry for such a hard year brother. Our hearts are sad, our prayers are with you. Insha'allah one day the world can see peace.