Saturday, December 30

End of Saddam

As I woke up this morning to welcome the sun of the happy day of Eid Al-Adha, I saw the breaking news that Saddam had been just executed. The first moment I heard the news, I was shocked. I felt deep sadness and great loss. It reminded me of the similar feeling I had when I saw the statue of Saddam falling at Al-Firdaws circle. with those two events, I felt that the dignity of Iraqis, my dignity, was targeted. Just like how I felt that the soldier who put his shoe on the head of Saddam's statue was putting his shoe over the soveriegnty of Iraq, in the same perspective the execution seemed to be the first step of the mission of wiping Iraq off the map as a united state. Saddam died the moment he was caught in that rat hole, but this execution was targeting Iraq's sovereignty and unity.

It filled me with rage and frustration to see Saddam killed by a bunch of leaders who deserve to be killed ten times more than he did. I never liked Saddam, in fact I always hated him as much as I could. I did admit that he did several good things to Iraq and Iraqis and that he was above all a national leader but the fact that he wronged many people and killed many civilians made it impossible for me to think of forgiving him. But now, I feel that Saddam was the last thing left from the unity of Iraq. And I fear that his death might bring doom on Iraqis, and the end to Iraq as a united state.

It is very shameful to see how ridiculous the court is. When it was first established by Paul Bremer, they were talking about preserving international law and human rights. But now as both the American and Iraqi government are about to collapse, the court suddenly decides to override all international laws and apply the sentence of death on Saddam regardless of the international doubts and denials about its legitimacy, professionality and credibility.

But, this is all good.

Saddam's death is obviously the last card that the Bush Adminstration of losers had, and it was also the last card that Iran could draw. I had predicted that Saddam's execution will be delayed until the last days of Bush's presidency in 2008. But having this execution taking place now will blow the entire Iraqi situation up. In addition, the increasing resistance will prove to the world that the situation is not terrible because of those 'Saddamists'. The death of Saddam will strip down all the excuses from the Bush Adminstration and will prove that resistance is a national choice and the American Army must withdraw from Iraq.

I am already looking forward to the political earthquakes that shall happen in 2007 inshaAllah!

But most importantly, happy Eid to everyone :)