Friday, October 19

Afyaw Afyaw Ayfaw....

Those of you, Iraqis or else, who were in Iraq during the war... and watched local TV before the war broke out, will remember this hilarious video.

Tuesday, October 16

Important Updates, and PSA,

It's been so long since I last posted. In fact, it's been a while since I last got online. my Gmail inbox is about to get full, and I have received more than 400 emails in the past two weeks alone...

I had a great summer vacation - albeit short -, you can read about its details on my mom's blog because we went together along with Khalid. Naturally, my view and interests in that vacation was very different from mom's, but we all really needed it, and we all came back refreshed and ready to go back into the roller-coaster.

Ramadan entered this year with a very different and unique taste. I was very different in receiving this Ramadan... and it left very strong fingerprints in my soul and spirit.

Now we are back to normal classes, I'm glad that my timings this semester are neat and well scheduled. All my classes run on Mondays and Wednesdays (for about 10 hours contiuous), and I have rest of the week off. This semester I declared a minor in Physics, in addition to my major in Electronics Engineering. I have also enrolled in another university, The American Open University. Based in D.C. with a branching in Cairo, the AOU enables people to study under/post graduate degrees in Islamic and Arabic Studied, in either English or Arabic languages. I believe it has a very good program and I hope I can make the best out of it.

Anyway, beyond the endless nerdy academic life of mine, I have been elected to take the position of the production editor of the university's [The American University in Cairo, that is] official newspaper, which reminds me of the old days in the Al-Muajaha newspaper back in Iraq! Anyhow, it's all going well and I took a little column for myself to write a weekly skeptic/critical editorial about the university, which is fun.

One of the most exciting new updates in my life is that I have been appointed as the head of the Political Activism Committee [if you call it PAC, then i'll be PAC man. Ha ha.] at the Political Science Association. PSA is a socio-political student organization that works on and off campus to raise awareness about local, national, regional and international issues. Last week we had our first event, it was on the anniversary of the 6th of October war, 1973. The event contained mainly a lecture followed by a discussion panel to talk about the aftermath of the war, and its political consequences along with the Camp David Accord on Egypt, both nationally and regionally. There were many distinguished guests, from War Heroes, to War experts, to political science professors. It was a great success! Unfortunately I left my Camera in Amman, so I couldn't take pictures, but I'll try to get some pictures from one of the photographers who was there and post them inshaAllah...

We are currently building our list of contacts, so if you are interested in attending events, participating in our work, giving lectures in certain topics, or just keeping yourself updated with what we do, then please send us an email to my addie or to, make sure you write "subscribe" in the subject field if you wanted to be informed about our events.

Saturday, August 18

A Way to Help Iraqis


This is an article by mom, titled "CRP [Collateral Repair Project], Why?" that describes her new voluntary work to help poor families of Iraqi refugees currently living in Jordan, mom says:

peace upon you.....Since the beginning of the war against Iraq 2003, I was in Baghdad with my family,Before the war, I was just a mother of three boys, and Civil Engineer, working as executive manager of our firm in Baghdad.Main things in my life , was my family and my carrier.After the invasion, my life was changed, as what happened to many people inside Iraq or outside.The destruction of the country, violence with bloodshed, continued to be a daily ritual in our days.Since that time I started to work with Iraqi women NGOs in Baghdad, my aim was to help poor families, especially who lost their providers, by funding micro projectfor each family, to keep them survived and independent.

But the Iraqi women I was working with them that time, refused my vision, they were from business women, who were seeking for projects to fund their own projects.After I have left Iraq due to bad security conditions, and kidnapping of my son Khalid, the family decided to leave and settle in Jordan in 2005,We kept working to send medical supplies and water units to Iraqi hospitals, then I started to visit poor Iraqi families here, my network started to be bigger and bigger by the passing of time.

First, I tried to visit rich Iraqi families asking them to help their poor brothers and sisters, but they refused, I was very sad and disappointed, but by the passing of time, I decided ....

to continue reading what mom wrote, please visit the site for The Collateral Repair Project.

Also, there you can see the projects they have done so far, and the projects they are working on. You can help by telling your friends and family about it, or you can help by donating or sponsoring a family.

Modification: Link is fixed, you can visit the site from here.

Friday, July 20


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, has called for urgent aid for Gaza as fears about a humanitarian crisis mount. The call came during a meeting, in Cairo, between the UNRWA Commissioner General, Karen AbuZayd and the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Musa.

“We have identified nearly thirty million dollars worth of emergency projects for which we need urgent funding and I make a special appeal to Arab donors to contribute”, said AbuZayd. Nearly half the funds will be spent on job creation schemes while the remainder will fund cash assistance programmes and shelter repair and reconstruction. “The violence in Gaza, coupled with the tight closures imposed by
Israel has led to a desperate humanitarian situation.’ said AbuZayd. “The economic
deterioration manifests itself amongst the population in Gaza in the form of
unemployment, which is running at around thirty six percent and poverty, which is
already affecting an estimated two thirds of households – to give just two examples.”
To alleviate the current poverty and economic hardships temporarily, UNRWA will
provide employment opportunities to the most needy refugee families throughout the
Gaza Strip. These employment projects will create some 640,000 days of work for
unemployed refugees. They will offer employment in UNRWA facilities and installations
as well as with community based organizations and the private sector.

UNRWA also appealed for nearly eight million dollars for emergency cash assistance,
as a means of enabling refugees to meet basic needs and as a complement to food
aid. In addition, the UN Agency called on donors to fund nearly nine million dollars
for shelter repair and reconstruction. “People are living in dire conditions”, said
AbuZayd. “The recent violence has damaged or destroyed thousands of buildings and
there is an urgent need to have these repaired.”

you can donate by clicking here:

Thursday, May 24

More Violations of Occupation,

Two videos that show US troops destroying Iraq.

The first is filmed by American soldiers as they watch two missiles destroy a mosque completely while cheering. Then one of them comments "and these guys still wanna f*** with us"

You are damn right they will f*** you up big time after you destroy their mosque.

The other, I wasn't able to check its validity, but it shows a US hammer stopping, and few US troops go down and start planting roadside bombs, the video was filmed by one of the American troops from a distance. Accidentally, one of the mines explodes and destroys the hammer and kills everyone.

These are the links to the two videos, I downloaded both in case they were removed from the site. (I uploaded the second one myself) (US Army Destroys a Mosque) (US troops planting roadside bombs)

UPDATE: the second video was removed from both liveleak and youtube, luckily I had downloaded it already. I uploaded it for the third time here.
[direct downloading link is]

Friday, April 27

Apologize Mr. Bush!

America has to send more of her sons to kill and get killed in order to live in security...
She has to believe in Bush, and not to question him, because Mr. Bush said "it is unacceptable to think".
Americans must hate anyone that Mr. Bush tags as a terrorist; they need not know who they are or what they want...


If this still doesn't ring any bells, a little quote from George Orwell's 1984 might help:


Those were the three slogans of the party that ruled Ociana [the name for USA and UK in the novel], and they - to a scary point - sound like Bush's speeches.

Thursday, March 29

New Features: Blog Search

I have added a new feature to the blog (/^\ top of this page /^\ ) , now you can search in previous posts on this blog, mom's blog , introducing islam blog, as well as searching anything in the entire World Wide Web...

Now you can use the new feature to search the internet and try to figure out why doesn't Bush want to save American blood and refuses to put a time table for withdrawal from Iraq.

Saturday, March 24

Jarrars Invading the News!

Watch Raed Jarrar giving a speech in Portland, on the twentieth of March 2007 in the FOURTH anniversary of the War on Iraq.

Congressman McDermott Interviews

This video shows interviews of Congressman McDermott with several politicians and activists [featuring Mom :) ], during his visit to Amman, Jordan.

in this video you will see many key points that represent the demands of Iraqi people and also some of the keys to the exit from the current miserable solution.

Online Videos by

Friday, March 23

شر البلية ما يضحك

as the Arabic proverb says: the worst of catastrophes is [sometimes] funny.

Friday, March 16

One More Jarrar-Blogger Is On-line !

Ammar Jarrar, my first cousin, a senior Architectural Engineering student at the Jordanian University, has started his blog on maktoob; the leading Arabic multi-services site, which offers a search engine, news service, email hosting, chat, online gaming, entertainment, web hosting, and recently they started their own blogosphere.

Ammar writes about politics, poetry, personal, and everything that comes in his mind, just like any other blogger. One thing is unique about Ammar, and is only found is unique bloggers, is that he writes with style.

If you read Arabic, or if you enjoy looking at the script and feeling ignorant, take a moment to check out With Ammar... ;0)

Al-Aqsa Campaign: More Success

Mr. Bechir Lamine, the Acting Head of the UNESCO Office in Ramallah, Palestine, has sent me an email just yesterday thanking me for the effort we made for this campaign, a copy of the email was also sent to Kassem Afandi (sorry I misspelled your name the first time), the wonderful Egyptian blogger who started this campaign and who voluntarily translated the news to Arabic.

Here is what Mr. Lamine said in his email:

Thank you for your interest.

Please find hereunder a statement by UNESCO concerning the Old City of Jerusalem.

You can read the full report by clicking on the following link:

Best regards,

Bechir Lamine

Acting Head

UNESCO, Ramallah


Office of the Spokeswoman
La Porte-parole

Old City of Jerusalem: Publication of UNESCO’s technical mission Report

“The technical mission that I had sent from 27 February to 2 March 2007 to the Old City of Jerusalem, which is inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List and on the World Heritage in Danger List, completed its technical assessment on the works conducted on the Mughrabi pathway leading to the Haram el-Sharif. The mission has submitted to me their Report (*) accompanied by their recommendations, which I support,” declared the Director-General of UNESCO on Wednesday, 14 March 2007.

“These are five recommendations,” he added:

  • The Government of Israel should be asked to comply with its obligations regarding archaeological excavations and heritage conservation in World Heritage sites such as the Old City of Jerusalem and, in particular, with Decision 30 COM.34 adopted by the World Heritage Committee in Vilnius in July 2006 on this matter.
  • The Government of Israel should be asked to stop immediately the archaeological excavations, given that the excavations that had been undertaken were deemed to be sufficient for the purpose of assessing the structural conditions of the pathway.
  • The Government of Israel should then clearly define the final design of the access structure, whose principal aim should be to restore the Mughrabi pathway without any major change to its structure and shape, in order to maintain the values of authenticity and integrity of the site. A clear work plan thereon should be communicated to the World Heritage Committee in the shortest possible time.
  • The Government of Israel should be asked to engage immediately a consultation process with all concerned parties, in particular the authorities of the Waqf and of Jordan, the latter having signed a peace agreement on 26 October 1994, and agree upon a plan of action before taking any further action and decision thereon.
  • This process should be supervised by an international team of experts coordinated by UNESCO and involving in particular structural engineers, specialized in archaeological consolidation works, in order to ensure the most appropriate solution for the restoration of the Mughrabi pathway.

Mr Matsuura has decided to send this report and its conclusions to the Presidents of the Organization’s Governing Bodies, the President of the World Heritage Committee, and the Permanent Delegates to UNESCO.

The Director-General also announced his decision to convene an Information Meeting for UNESCO Member States on Monday 19 March 2007, in the presence of the expert members of the mission.

(*) The full text of the Mission Report is available in English and French (and soon in Arabic, Spanish and Russian) on the Organization’s Internet site at:

This is definitely a great accomplishment, what we need now is a quick move to push UNESCO to establish a permanent committee to monitor and protect Al-Aqsa Mosque based in Jerusalem. This is an achievable goal, if we worked hard enough to voice our demand to the UNESCO people.

We need all your help.

Wednesday, March 14

UNESCO Campaign Gives Its First Fruits

The UNESCO has announced a report in which it calls Israel to completely stop their work near al-Aqsa mosque. This report came out just today after UNESCO experts have visited the site and saw that there is a "lack of a clear work plan setting the limits of the activity, opening the possibility of extensive and unnecessary excavation."

I urge everyone to read my latest post about the issue and keep the campaign rolling, you can sign more than once if you have more than one email address. If you are a blogger, please help us by spreading the word out; just copy my latest post about the campaign and paste it into your blog.

This campaign to urge the UNESCO to protect the Aqsa Mosque was started by several Egyptian bloggers, on top of them is my friend Qasim Afandi.

Tuesday, March 13

Why Germany and Austria?!

a new Taliban tape shows a message to the German and Austrian government, asking them to work on maintaining safety to their peoples' by withdrawing their troops as soon as possible from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The message is in Arabic and has German subtitles, I will post an English text of the tape if I were able to find one.

But why Germany and Austria?

Saturday, March 3

Letter to the UNESCO Regarding al-Aqsa Excavations

The UNESCO has decided to send a technical mission to the Old City of Jerusalem, inscribed on UNESCO's Wolrd Heritage List and on the World Heritage in Danger List, to a carry out a technical assessment of the works on the access to the Sacred Sanctuary (Al-Haram al-Sharif)...

Several fellow bloggers have posted this on their blogs, a plan to start a campaign of sending letters TODAY (the 3rd of March) to the UNESCO and ask them to assign a permanent chamber in the Old City to monitor the excavations and stop any attempts to damage the foundations of the Aqsa Mosque as an important part of world's heritage.

Following extensive consultations with all the parties concerned, the Director-General requested the mission to leave as soon as possible, probably early next week. It will be led by the Director of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, Francesco Bandarin, and include the Director-General of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), Mounir Bouchenaki; the President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Michael Petzel; and Véronique Dauge of the World Heritage Centre...

Below is a template of a letter that I strongly encourage You (You, reading this right now) to send on your behalf to the Director-General of UNESCO Mr Koichiro Matsuura (geneva (at) unesco (dot) org ), and Director of UNESCO office in Ramallah, Palestine - Mr. Bechir Lamine (b(dot)lamine (at) unesco (dot) org)).

Update: Mr. Bechir Lamine of the UNESCO office in Ramallah is currently on vacation, please contact Ms. Hala Tannous (h (dot) tannous (at) unesco (dot) org)

Dear Sir,

We acknowledge and appreciate your great efforts to protect and save the priceless human heritage all over the world. Recently, we read that a group of professional investigators has been sent by the Unesco to Jerusalem to investigate the situation of Israeli excavations at the area of the sacred sanctuary of Al Masjed Al Aqsa, which we have a big concern that this may affect the foundations and lead to buildings collapse for one of the most important historic elements of this area and all over the world.

We do support your efforts and your investigation group and looking for assigning a permanent chamber near this area to monitor, announce and stop any trial to destroy our heritage either for political or religion reasons.

Thank you and best regards,


Thursday, March 1

Did anyone notice the new look of the blog by the way?

Tuesday, February 27

posting with one leg

I broke my right foot last Thursday.

not too much for news, but I'm taking couple of days off from university/work/life... I wasn't feeling like blogging lately because the situation is very depression.

The only cheerful thing I saw in the news is that the Iraqi Cow (or president, if you want to call him that way) fell ill and was taken by plane to a hospital in Jordan for immediate treatment. The spokesmen say that his condition is stable but I wonder if he'll be dying soon (Amen!).

I just think of how many thousands of Iraqi died of illness and injuries since the war started just because they were not allowed to reach a hospital or they did not find in the hospital the medication, instruments, or even doctors that could help cure them. But when Uncle Jalal (Kurdish: mam jalal. HE ACTUALLY CALLS HIMSELF THAT WAY! how creative is that, Uncle Sam-pal ?) needed medical care, then an immediate plane takes him to Jordan.

I wonder if he had to stop 8 hours for investigation like all Iraqis have to do when entering Jordan. I wonder if he had to wait for 5 hours for the belated plane to take off. I wonder if he was humiliated for hours then was given one week visa only non-renewable like all Iraqis get...

I just hope that uncle Jalal recovers soon, and that he and all the other figures of betrayal live long enough to face a fair and just punishment for what they did to Iraq and Iraqis.

on a different topic, now I co-author FOUR blogs, cheers for me.

I will try to post soon on my new blog.

wish my a quick recovery :)

Friday, February 16

Jerusalem Blogging Day

Today, Friday the 16th of February, is The Jerusalem Blogging Day. All bloggers are strongly encouraged to participate in this day by posting their concerns, analysis, and information about the news, violations, illegal excavations and any topics relevant to the current political and religious uprising in Jerusalem.

If you read Arabic, please visit the Moroccan Mohammed Lachyab's blog to see more details on the Electronic Campaign to Support the Aqsa...

Furthermore, Today is announced to be Nafeer al-Aqsa [The Clarion of the Aqsa Mosque] by the Imam of Aqsa - sheikh Ikrima Sabri. This means that all Muslim male adults of Jerusalem are requested to go to the Aqsa for Friday prayer. Not many good things might happen out of this because the Israelis are still blocking Muslims from praying in Islam's third holiest site.

On the other hand, Muslim Arab has an interesting view on how Islam views terrorism and killing of innocent people.

The first Palestinian Prime Minister elected from Hamas - Mahmud Haniyeh, has resigned after agreements to establish the new Palestinian Unity Government. Israelis, on the other hand, are only willing to deal with a government that announces its recognition to Israel and agrees to all previous accords that ensures an everlasting humility to Palestine and the Palestinians. There has been news already about premature US-Israeli talks to boycott the new government.

oh and, as-Sadr is in Iran, even though his spokesmen deny it, the Iraqi government confirmed it and said that "he's gone to Iran for a short while and he'll be back soon" [reminds me of TV ads for some reason.] and that "the Sadr people don't need to hide this". There are news about a warrant issued by the Iraqi government to arrest as-Sadr but I dunno if that was the reason for his sudden 'flee' to Iran.

Wednesday, January 31

The Old Days...

This video was taken by couple of internationals who were in Iraq before the war, I can pretty much say that it was probably taken at the beginning of 2003. Most of the clips were in Baghdad but some were taken in up north in Kurdistan.

The only thing that unites people is the smile you see on their faces.

The US invasion took that smile away... Baghdad is not the City of Peace anymore, and Baghdadis are no longer the happy people. Only sad and misery comes from wars.

Wednesday, January 24

History... On the Go

I am writing this from the computer station at AUC's Library, tomorrow is my final exam...

Yes, I'm not taking my winter break and decided to take an inter-term session to take an extra course ... What a nerd!


well, the course title is Survey of Arab History. It's a very interesting course that covers the region of the so called 'Middle East' since Greek times until the Twentieth Century... Meaning that we had to cover almost 2500 years of civilization (and un-civilization) in 21 days!

So, amid the 100-pages-a-day daily assignments and the weekly midterms... I got the flu!
in CAIRO !
the coldest temperature in winter here is like 20 degrees!

So, I spent 3 days in bed and hence I missed 800 hundred years (the entire Ottoman Empire era!), and today we covered nineteenth and early twentieth century with the two World Wars, and talked about the birth of Arab Nationalism, Palestine and 'Arab Socialism', which, by the way, in no means is similar to socialism of Marx.

And tomorrow is our final exam.

I really learnt a lot from this course... Not in terms of gaining information, I almost knew all that history since I was in grade 6 thanks to Saddam's socialist regime that made me study the history of all Arab countries for the last thousand years! ...

But, I learnt that history is not merely the information of the past... For that is called Past. History is the present study of the present records of the past, and the changes that happen in societies (vis-a-vis the continuities that are in societies), and how these events had influenced other events in taking place or prevented them from taking place. In other words, the cause and effect of the past events.

History, therefore, leads to the understanding of natures of societies, states, dynasties, religions, and most importantly, human.

I believe that those who think who know history just by knowing events and dates, or those who know history just by names (especially those who believe that "great people make history") are extremely superficial. History is a key in understanding politics, economics, sociology and anthropology, even to the present.

That's in my opinion the main reason for Bush and Blair to have this complete failing strategies (especially regarding their foreign policies) and loser governments... Both believe that they can write history as they want, both don't realize that history is going to write them.

So, to Bush and Blair: grab a book and read history before you make more stupid decisions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Iraq, or anywhere in the 'Middle-East'.

I always wonder when the White House will realize that it's not 'middle' and start calling it the Extreme East instead.

It sounds even better, EE!

I'll get back to my study now.

meanwhile, you have to go read mom's revisit to history... And leave a birthday comment on the Olivebranch Network because tomorrow (Thursday) is their birthday!

Monday, January 15

The ‘American Intelligence’

I was really hoping that this was all part of one big silly comedy show, not until I started reading other Americans' responses in the comment section.

I am no fan of this make-fun-of-Americans game… I do realize that most American do not agree with what their administration says and does. Nevertheless, if Bush's government had spent little less money on war and little more money on education, at least we would not have seen such a shameful video clip.

Saturday, January 13

Priests and Preachers Enter Islam

This video is dedicated to a catholic christian friend of mine who has been thinking to converting to Islam recently (HA!)....

Former Christian, Yusuf Estes, tells the story of priest, preacher and ministers (and others) all coming to Islam - in TEXAS!!

By the way, sheikh Yusuf Estes now owns an English Islamic Channel called Al-Huda (The Guidance) that explains Islams to non Muslims, he presents a weekly show called "Lifting the Fog".

for more information about Huda TV, please go to

Turning Muslim in Texas !

Please Visit for more documentaries. For this video Please Link to our webSite.

The documentary explores the lives of several Texan families. Muslim and Non Muslim, and their views about Islam and life in the West.

George W Bush may be backed by Christian fundamentalists but in his home state of Texas, Islam is the latest big draw. The Bible belt is transferring its allegiance to the Quran because, for many erstwhile Christians, believe it or not, the church is too liberal.

Eric was a Baptist preacher before he became a Muslim 14 years ago. Now he prays five times a day and even in the middle of watching a football game. His wife, Karen, also a convert, is covered from head to toe in the traditional Muslim burka. Islam, says Eric, is everything I wanted Christianity to be. His mother has found it hard to come to terms with her sons conversion and believes he will return to the Christian faith: Then he will be a dynamic preacher. Eric says: "Maybe some day she will embrace Islam."

Iraqi Art: dying away?

Mom left two days ago back to Amman after a two-week visit to Cairo, she stayed with me at the hostel and we spent Eid together, it was lovely. J

I will develop and print the pictures we took together, then scan some of them and show them to you!


Anyways, before mom left she was a little bit busy trying to arrange something with Naseer Shamma (one of the best Iraqi/Arab musicians… some can say that he's among the best Arab artists of the past century) who told mom a while ago that he can sponsor aid to some Iraqi children with serious conditions. The plan was that he would sponsor those kids flying from Baghdad to Emirates and their staying and treatment there. Some kids suffer from cancer and others suffer other serious illness, but in general, all of them are suffering because of the illegal war.

And naturally I was surprised that first mom was able to get in touch with Naseer Shamma, and I was surprised of his positive response which gave a lot of hope in both me and mom. In the same time, I asked myself: where did all these artists go?

Iraq had so many artists, some of which were very famous across the Arab World, and some were famous on international level… people like Ilahm al-Madfai, Naseer Shamma, Kadhim as-Sahir and many others…

I found it really strange that their voice is no longer heard after the war, I haven't heard that any of them said anything about the war or about the situation which Iraq suffers under now…

This is an open wondering I throw it at space, I hope that one of those artists hears it.


Meanwhile, I found a new song which Kadhim as-Sahir sang couple of months ago feat. Paula Cole, talking about peace and stuff… even though I still did not hear any of these artists mentioning anything related to Iraq since 4 years.

Monday, January 1

3000, 2007 and 1428

It's the new year, I don't think I can say "happy" since nothing on the news looks happy anymore.

It's the new year, and George W. Bush has proved that he represents a greater danger to the people of the USA and the world than anyone else. The body count of US soldiers in Iraq has reached 3000, more than the number of Americans who died in September 11. Well, also the number of Iraqis who died because of the illegal Bush invasion to Iraq is many times the number of Iraqis killed by Saddam throughout the past two decades.

I'm not glad that all these people died, but I am glad that the people of the USA now can see their mistake, and be able to realize that George W. Bush represents the greatest threat to the world today. He is, by all means, more guilty of crimes against humanity than Saddam Hussien, not forgetting how guilty Saddam was. Bush has certainly contributed to making the world a less safe place to live. A lot is to come during this year, not much good is predicted anyway, but we shall see If God wills that we live long enough to witness what is going to happen.

The year 2007 has just begun, and 1428 (the Muslim Calendar) is about to begin shortly too. Let us pray that these two new years will come with peace, security and prosperity to Iraq and the entire world.

Execution of Saddam, video

The full video for the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, not seen on TV. The video is more graphic than the official one released by the CNN.

You can hear the Shia militiamen around him shouting "Praise be to Mohammed Baqr Assadr" [the grandfather of the currently living Moqtada Assadr who is believed that Saddam assassinated him], others shout at Saddam "go to hell". While Saddam is repeating the last words that a Muslim must say before death "I witness that there is not God but Allah, and I witness that Mohammed is a prophet of Allah."

They didn't even let him finish his sentence.

Quoting from Raed who posted about this just a minute ago, "It takes a lot of stupidity to turn Saddam's execution to an event dividing Iraqis furthermore instead of uniting them. It takes a lot more stupidity to turn Saddam from a former dictator to a symbol of resistance and pride."

I would not be surprised if I start to see some Che-Guevara-style T-Shirts with Saddam's Picture printed on them with words of pride and courage…

This is what you get when you let a stupid president run one country and invade another.