Monday, January 15

The ‘American Intelligence’

I was really hoping that this was all part of one big silly comedy show, not until I started reading other Americans' responses in the comment section.

I am no fan of this make-fun-of-Americans game… I do realize that most American do not agree with what their administration says and does. Nevertheless, if Bush's government had spent little less money on war and little more money on education, at least we would not have seen such a shameful video clip.


Anonymous said...

hello majooood.. I know I wrote much today, but i know that u wont believe me when I say that I read wt u wrote in ur blog unless I comment.... WTEVER
Majed, i really cant believe that is true....... they dont know the curruncy of UK, or a country starts with an (U)?
Man wt is that? unbelievable... r they from mars or wt, but if that is true, I am sorry to say that Americans (not all) are one of the most dumb & stupid people in the world..... wt do u think?

Mike said...

As an American educator I can assure you that not all Americans are that stupid. I think a lot of editing went into that piece - in terms of what video was excluded as well as where it was shot. I am oftentimes shocked at the lack of understanding of world (or even national) issues among my countrymen. Sometimes it really does feel like two countries when I look at something like that. I just can't believe I share a "free" society with people whose world is so narrow, so one-dimensional, so small. Yet for every ridiculous answer or blank stare in that video I think of a clever insight, brave stance, or nuanced understanding that I have heard uttered by other Americans, both famous and not-so-famous.

Anonymous said...

United States of America has a population of at least 300 million. I knew the answers to most of the questions. A person could sway opinion in any way that person wishes with all of the answers I am sure the interviewer recieved.

Majed Jarrar said...

mike, anonymous,

Any survey of a given sample is not the real measure of the real population. Certainly, there are many American intellectuals and scientists who contribute alot to the world. But the fact that you can actually find people in the streets of America who can't distinguish between Australia and Iran... is just absurd.

I would actually be very surprised, maybe shocked, if this survey took place in any third world country and got similar results.

Anonymous said...

Utah actually is another country, although it is mostly Mormon rather than Islamic. Mormons are avowed bigamists and tend to be more extreme in their politics than muslims.

Anonymous said...

rabee told me to comment so i thought i would...while that video is quite hilarious i do believe that that video did have a lot of editing where some of hte answers the people gave were not to the questions that we heard...but nonetheless there are a sizable minority who dont' know much about the outside world, but it is undoubtedly a minority in my opinion...and i'm not surprised that Americans really don't know about the states in the MIddle East, but most of them do know about Australia-that was quite comical


rcg said...

As an American I am saddened to admit that the typical American is indeed - that ignorant.

It's not much, but I am doing what I can to educate as many as I can. Please visit my site and check out my documentaries.

eda said...