Monday, January 1

Execution of Saddam, video

The full video for the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, not seen on TV. The video is more graphic than the official one released by the CNN.

You can hear the Shia militiamen around him shouting "Praise be to Mohammed Baqr Assadr" [the grandfather of the currently living Moqtada Assadr who is believed that Saddam assassinated him], others shout at Saddam "go to hell". While Saddam is repeating the last words that a Muslim must say before death "I witness that there is not God but Allah, and I witness that Mohammed is a prophet of Allah."

They didn't even let him finish his sentence.

Quoting from Raed who posted about this just a minute ago, "It takes a lot of stupidity to turn Saddam's execution to an event dividing Iraqis furthermore instead of uniting them. It takes a lot more stupidity to turn Saddam from a former dictator to a symbol of resistance and pride."

I would not be surprised if I start to see some Che-Guevara-style T-Shirts with Saddam's Picture printed on them with words of pride and courage…

This is what you get when you let a stupid president run one country and invade another.