Saturday, January 13

Iraqi Art: dying away?

Mom left two days ago back to Amman after a two-week visit to Cairo, she stayed with me at the hostel and we spent Eid together, it was lovely. J

I will develop and print the pictures we took together, then scan some of them and show them to you!


Anyways, before mom left she was a little bit busy trying to arrange something with Naseer Shamma (one of the best Iraqi/Arab musicians… some can say that he's among the best Arab artists of the past century) who told mom a while ago that he can sponsor aid to some Iraqi children with serious conditions. The plan was that he would sponsor those kids flying from Baghdad to Emirates and their staying and treatment there. Some kids suffer from cancer and others suffer other serious illness, but in general, all of them are suffering because of the illegal war.

And naturally I was surprised that first mom was able to get in touch with Naseer Shamma, and I was surprised of his positive response which gave a lot of hope in both me and mom. In the same time, I asked myself: where did all these artists go?

Iraq had so many artists, some of which were very famous across the Arab World, and some were famous on international level… people like Ilahm al-Madfai, Naseer Shamma, Kadhim as-Sahir and many others…

I found it really strange that their voice is no longer heard after the war, I haven't heard that any of them said anything about the war or about the situation which Iraq suffers under now…

This is an open wondering I throw it at space, I hope that one of those artists hears it.


Meanwhile, I found a new song which Kadhim as-Sahir sang couple of months ago feat. Paula Cole, talking about peace and stuff… even though I still did not hear any of these artists mentioning anything related to Iraq since 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Yo Majed..... wts up ya ragel?

I called ur mom today for an invitation...... she told me that u took her to too many places.... hu?
that was nice Majood, but u act like a strange person when I am with u !!!

Last thing, buddy..... U heard that song hu? I cant believe u did.... miss u ya man ;-)

Anonymous said...

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