Friday, February 16

Jerusalem Blogging Day

Today, Friday the 16th of February, is The Jerusalem Blogging Day. All bloggers are strongly encouraged to participate in this day by posting their concerns, analysis, and information about the news, violations, illegal excavations and any topics relevant to the current political and religious uprising in Jerusalem.

If you read Arabic, please visit the Moroccan Mohammed Lachyab's blog to see more details on the Electronic Campaign to Support the Aqsa...

Furthermore, Today is announced to be Nafeer al-Aqsa [The Clarion of the Aqsa Mosque] by the Imam of Aqsa - sheikh Ikrima Sabri. This means that all Muslim male adults of Jerusalem are requested to go to the Aqsa for Friday prayer. Not many good things might happen out of this because the Israelis are still blocking Muslims from praying in Islam's third holiest site.

On the other hand, Muslim Arab has an interesting view on how Islam views terrorism and killing of innocent people.

The first Palestinian Prime Minister elected from Hamas - Mahmud Haniyeh, has resigned after agreements to establish the new Palestinian Unity Government. Israelis, on the other hand, are only willing to deal with a government that announces its recognition to Israel and agrees to all previous accords that ensures an everlasting humility to Palestine and the Palestinians. There has been news already about premature US-Israeli talks to boycott the new government.

oh and, as-Sadr is in Iran, even though his spokesmen deny it, the Iraqi government confirmed it and said that "he's gone to Iran for a short while and he'll be back soon" [reminds me of TV ads for some reason.] and that "the Sadr people don't need to hide this". There are news about a warrant issued by the Iraqi government to arrest as-Sadr but I dunno if that was the reason for his sudden 'flee' to Iran.