Tuesday, February 27

posting with one leg

I broke my right foot last Thursday.

not too much for news, but I'm taking couple of days off from university/work/life... I wasn't feeling like blogging lately because the situation is very depression.

The only cheerful thing I saw in the news is that the Iraqi Cow (or president, if you want to call him that way) fell ill and was taken by plane to a hospital in Jordan for immediate treatment. The spokesmen say that his condition is stable but I wonder if he'll be dying soon (Amen!).

I just think of how many thousands of Iraqi died of illness and injuries since the war started just because they were not allowed to reach a hospital or they did not find in the hospital the medication, instruments, or even doctors that could help cure them. But when Uncle Jalal (Kurdish: mam jalal. HE ACTUALLY CALLS HIMSELF THAT WAY! how creative is that, Uncle Sam-pal ?) needed medical care, then an immediate plane takes him to Jordan.

I wonder if he had to stop 8 hours for investigation like all Iraqis have to do when entering Jordan. I wonder if he had to wait for 5 hours for the belated plane to take off. I wonder if he was humiliated for hours then was given one week visa only non-renewable like all Iraqis get...

I just hope that uncle Jalal recovers soon, and that he and all the other figures of betrayal live long enough to face a fair and just punishment for what they did to Iraq and Iraqis.

on a different topic, now I co-author FOUR blogs, cheers for me.

I will try to post soon on my new blog.

wish my a quick recovery :)


Aaron Sacco said...

Hi Majed,
I've been following your blog for while now and I can't describe the sadness that I feel for the iraqi people. I am American, born in Lebanon, lived most of life on the island of Cyprus, and now live in Texas. I am a painter and artist.
I have never supported the war, and spoke out against the whole madness since day one. No one listened. Please understand that the people of United States have been misled on purpose by an administration who are too closed-minded and short-sighted to see the magnitude of their evil. They are scared, just like your people are now.
I believe our only hope for peace, is to bring great understanding between our people. This blog is an amazing step in that direction. Just reading it has opened my eyes to so many things that are not shown on TV and are suppressed by the american media machine. We must do more.
With your help, I would like to use your blog as a jumping off point for an art show. I want to show images that the american public do not see and express your viewpoint through my artwork to help in this effort. If you are interested, please let me know.

With all my compassion,


Rabee M. Kotob said...

2esh6a ya m3allem.......
Salamo 3aleeeekom Majoooood,

I wish u a recovery ASAP, inA.
Just wanna ask who is that "new" president in Iraq? Could u plz send me anything (little info) about this president?

And remeber, I am still mad that u didnt fix my windows again (as u promised me)....

Best wishes,
Your X-roommate, ABO-ROBB

Samalo 3alekom ya ragel

Anonymous said...

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