Saturday, March 24

Congressman McDermott Interviews

This video shows interviews of Congressman McDermott with several politicians and activists [featuring Mom :) ], during his visit to Amman, Jordan.

in this video you will see many key points that represent the demands of Iraqi people and also some of the keys to the exit from the current miserable solution.

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ZHP said...

Greetings from Mexico!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Majed for this video with all the views in it.


- Nadia : )

susie kinzie said...
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Majed Jarrar said...

Como estas amigo!
yu hablo espanol! si si !
hahahaha, bromiendo.
welcome to the blog

Nadia, you're welcome !

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LJansen said...

Hi, Majed.

I have been lobbying Congressman McDermott with other folks in the Occupation Project.

It did no good. He ended up voting for the Supplemental Funding giving Bush more money than he even asked for to continue the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even after talking to Iraqis (probably not many reps have done that), he couldn't see that we are ripping those countries apart, not helping them.

I'm sorry we didn't have more succes with him and the rest of the blood-bloated congress.

Anonymous said...


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