Saturday, March 24

Jarrars Invading the News!

Watch Raed Jarrar giving a speech in Portland, on the twentieth of March 2007 in the FOURTH anniversary of the War on Iraq.


Anonymous said...

(caution: Majed, if you have something better to do than read this, do that! i am indulging in a reprieve from homework and it just feels that good, so this may be long, yet loving; plus you said on your mama’s blog to drop you a line so here’s my shout out ;)

Majezzle in the hazzle ,

i listened to Raed's speech this evening while making my online-Iraq-war-rounds and eating some homemade red-curry (truly-hmm hmm). as usual, during this perfunctory ritual i was thoroughly battered by my best-friend-Khamsa’s-little-brother’s unbending & quizzical laments - specifically his classic: “aren’t you bored with this crap yet, gooddd your so dumbbbbb!!!!”

seeing how every time i come to their lovely house on Kincaid Avenue where the daffodils bloom freely (Khamsa and her little bro’s parent’s house) i come bearing some sort of, what is known around these right-leaning parts, as good old ‘propaganda.’ naturally i retorted to his assuming inquiry with a question of my own: “are you crazy Iban?!!! (that’s the arabic take on his name Khamsa and i bequeathed him long ago), while you were getting suspended from school the other day for calling your teacher a ‘f*#king retard’ and a ‘b!tch’, Iraqis were being blown to ungodly bits at schools and universities alike - or all together kept at home for fear of losing their lives; while you were riding your bike past sunset with your friend Francisco, Iraqis were shuttered up in their homes praying for a night of peace shorn of the mid-night raid; IBAANNNN!, while you were slaughtering your so-called nemeses in your simulated video games, Iraqis were losing their limbs and lives to the everyday exploding-fire-licking-shrapnel-piercing treacheries of war that transform even the most mundane market into a killing field! this isn’t about ‘boredom’ or ‘me,’ but about Iraqis’ fundamental right to live, the very privilege you have forsaken because it has become so ordinary to you, yet it is denied to them. everyday you awake to a routine of ‘living’ - you are so lucky habibi so start thinking about them, and your relation to them” - within moments i realized this rant, and the raw calories expended in my passionate-bellow, was all in vain; lest i remind you, while i am babysitting this child of 13 years of age for a single week i am obligated to stuff at least 14 pills down his adolescent throat every day because he, along with millions of amerikans, are losing their minds for exactly the opposite reasons as Iraqis.

therefore.... naturally and logically his prompt reply to my meandering soul was: “YES! in fact, i am crazy” — “that’s why I have to take so many freakin pills (you idiot implied).” i wonder if he even listened past my first sentence, lol ;)

....and that really is amerika! crazy, pazzo, loco, majnoon........our world today is upside down.

but, alhamdulellah, i am amerika too, what ever that means!! (i loath those arbitrary lines christened borders).

together - mind, body, hands and souls - dancing in accord by means of collective exchange, we will harken a better morrow. the only hope that is truly lost is that misplaced in the nooks and crannies outside ourselves. i believe, in earnest, in all of us, evan Iban, that walad majnoon from Sumner taut with prescription drugs. as long as he is in my grasp, i will teach him of war....and the stillness of the human heart that comes from peace, that very simple thing, free of all needless worry and woe.

i want to thank all Iraqi bloggers who intrepidly speak to us ordinary denizens of today’s empire, likely to become tomorrow’s imperial fable. you all fire immaculate words, penetrating the cool outer shell of those who are all too easily given to the deficit of imagination, capitalist fetishism, and the life unexamined. your voices arouse the slumber of humanity. I love you all dearly! ;) – a.

american mom said...

I like the new design of your page. Glad to know your mom is ok and busy. And you too of course!

Majed Jarrar said...

akadiyya :)

thanks alot for the comment, I haven't read it all yet to be honest cuz I'm really over my head with work (I promise i'll read it later!)

American mom, thanks alot for passing by, I'm glad you liked the design, you are the first one actually to give a comment about it. I spent alot of work to do it and no one appreciated it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the history lesson over on Mom's site it was intresting and broad in knowledge for me. Your doing well and your Mom also she is such a wonderful person you must be very proud.
Warm Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello Majed

I have been reading your mother's blog for about a week now, and just stopped by yours. I wish I would have known you were in Victoria (or Vancouver?) I live in Seattle. I have been writing to my senators and legislatures, blogging about the war, going to the peace rallies, etc. How did you like it in Canada? Did you enjoy being in NY? Thank you so much for letting Americans, and the rest of the world, see what it's like from your perspective. I have wanted to hear the voice of an Iraqi (or former Iraqi) citizen for so long now! Keep up the great blog!
Sincerely, Layla Y.

Eng.Omar said...

god job my brother

victory is comming soon>>>>


murid_aisha said...

Sallams Majed,

Well, glad to hear you, your family and your mother are well. I adore her spirit, and have checked your blogs over the last few years after meeting her in Berkeley, CA. My husband and I just moved to Portland, ironically, we were just speaking of how your family is, and that I should check out everyone's blog and what Raed is up to. I am a bit disappointed that we just missed him here in PDX. Take care, Fee Amaan Allah.
Keep writing, thanks for all your blogs.

erica aisha

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