Thursday, March 29

New Features: Blog Search

I have added a new feature to the blog (/^\ top of this page /^\ ) , now you can search in previous posts on this blog, mom's blog , introducing islam blog, as well as searching anything in the entire World Wide Web...

Now you can use the new feature to search the internet and try to figure out why doesn't Bush want to save American blood and refuses to put a time table for withdrawal from Iraq.


jae said...

"Now you can use the new feature to search the internet and try to figure out why doesn't Bush want to save American blood and refuses to put a time table for withdrawal from Iraq."

With as much reading as I have been doing over the past few years, I don't think I need any more evidence to answer the 'why' in your statement. :O(

Thank you for posting the letter from the teacher to your mom's site!

قاسم أفندي said...

Greetings, and hope you are doing well. I posted a topic today on my blog and i would like to invite you to read it and advise me with your opinion.

josh said...

I hope you are having a pleasant day so far. I found your blog through olive branch network. I thought you might be interested in a new site. is a new web site dedicated to collecting open letters from the Iraqi people to the American people. We accept and post all letters. We would love to have your participation.
With peace,

Anonymous said...


I've seen a film clip where you admit that you were working for the Ministry of Interior as a "spy" on the foreigners who were in Iraq before March 20, 2003. I was wondering if you told your Baathist bosses to whom Jo Wilding was speaking before the authorities forced her to leave about a week or so into the war.

How does it feel to have worked as a spy for the Baathist government? Any second thoughts about that?

Majed Jarrar said...


You could have showed the least respect by signing your name. For your (lack of) knowledge, a "fixer" does not mean a spy. It means a guide. Any fixer had to sign a sheet at the ministry of information saying that he/she will not provide foreigners with sensitive or strategic information that might put the safety of Iraq in danger.

If you were asking if I signed that paper, then, no I did not. I did not get the job. I met Jo through an Iraqi friend and we became friends, we never worked together.

There is a great difference between supporting the Baath, and being loyal to your country.

Try to be less cheap.

p.s: the video you are talking about is posted on Alive in Baghdad site.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the clarification. I know your father is a Palestinian Jordanian and your mother from Iraq, so I'm assuming that you're actually NOT an Iraqi citizen, but hold a Jordanian passport, right? If so, how can you be loyal to "your country" (which you claim to be Iraq) if you're really Jordanian? How can the Jarrars be loyal to Iraq if none of them actually live in Iraq? The ITM brothers, in contrast, have never left Iraq and continue to work for their country through the good times and bad times.

Majed Jarrar said...

بلاد العرب أوطاني من الشام لبغداد

The +2 million Iraqi refugees scattered on earth are a million times more Iraqi than the ITM brothers. my brother Raed who lives in DC, is more Iraqi than them. While Raed along with other hundreds of thousands of refugees wish to go back to Iraq to live there, ITM brothers wish that they were been born Americans. They, and everyone who thinks like them, are a shame on Iraq.

More superficiality from you, this is definitely the last time I allow anonymous comments on my blog. I don't need to know thoughts of someone who isn't self-confident enough to even introduce himself.

oh and, according to the new constitution brought to you by America with a full package of freedom and liberation, which I'm sure that you and ITM brothers adore it... the child of an Iraqi woman is Iraqi.

Stop saying foolish things already, you are only embarrassing yourself.

CMAR II said...


You've stirred up a lot of comments at IBC regarding this last post.

CMAR II said...


You've stirred up a lot of comments at IBC regarding this last post.

Roman said...

It's pretty hilarious when a family takes their money earned off the blood of the oppressed Iraqis who who were butchered endlessly by your brother's "National Leader" and calls the Iraqis who stay to defend their life and liberty to build a republic less than Iraqi. Sweet irony.

Of course I'm sure the Nazis who fled to South America felt the same way about the Germans who spit on Nazism and stayed to rebuild it as a republic.

And those profiteers who left behind their "success" with Hitler retained their bitterness along with their progeny.

Well it's far better to spend Daddy's ill-begotten gains and serve the dictator's legacy from abroad.
Give a bonus point for loyalty.

Anonymous said...



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