Friday, March 16

One More Jarrar-Blogger Is On-line !

Ammar Jarrar, my first cousin, a senior Architectural Engineering student at the Jordanian University, has started his blog on maktoob; the leading Arabic multi-services site, which offers a search engine, news service, email hosting, chat, online gaming, entertainment, web hosting, and recently they started their own blogosphere.

Ammar writes about politics, poetry, personal, and everything that comes in his mind, just like any other blogger. One thing is unique about Ammar, and is only found is unique bloggers, is that he writes with style.

If you read Arabic, or if you enjoy looking at the script and feeling ignorant, take a moment to check out With Ammar... ;0)


Anonymous said...

welcome Ammar in never land ;D

Anonymous said...

thank you majjoodi about your promotion, I appreciate that. I hope you enjoy my modest blog. And I'll try to produce news by myself (not just copy/paste) but nowadays I'm busy. salam from Amman to Cairo ;)

Rania Lelah said...

hi majed iam rania
i visited ammar's blog its really nice
and urs too
really i admired alot that ur mother has ablog
tell u a secret?
i tried to convince my mom to make a one but she refused:(
i guess that i feel jealous
ofcourse iam kidding
send my greeting to ur mom and tell her that really i like her blog
and say to her happy mother's day to her and to all mothers

Anonymous said...

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