Friday, April 27

Apologize Mr. Bush!

America has to send more of her sons to kill and get killed in order to live in security...
She has to believe in Bush, and not to question him, because Mr. Bush said "it is unacceptable to think".
Americans must hate anyone that Mr. Bush tags as a terrorist; they need not know who they are or what they want...


If this still doesn't ring any bells, a little quote from George Orwell's 1984 might help:


Those were the three slogans of the party that ruled Ociana [the name for USA and UK in the novel], and they - to a scary point - sound like Bush's speeches.


LES said...

Your quote sounds nothing like President Bush. I have a comment about the posting of the e-mail to your mother from a future American History teacher: Why did you let that person perpetuate untruths and myths about pre-war Iraq--Iraq was safe, electricty was plenty, life was "normal"--either you're for the whole truth or you're not for truth at all. This person is going to be allowed to indoctrinate American children with his/her biased and tainted views; views "taught" by sensational editorialists such as Keith Olbermann. I have no problem with history being taught ACCURATELY. I have HUGE problems with a teacher "teaching" anti-war propaganda. DO show the pictures of the maimed and killed Iraqis but be don't forget to mention the suicide bombers and anti-freed Iraq terrorists that so nonchalantly blow them to bits. Thank you.

Majed Jarrar said...


This is the first time I hear someone actually say the term anti-war propoganda!

we call it peace, something you might not understand accurately.

Demeur said...

I noticed that les is so strong in his convictions that he set up a blog account only to snipe in your comments section.

bruno said...

[les] "I have HUGE problems with a teacher "teaching" anti-war propaganda."

They should get all the people like you and put you on an island with a big minefield around it. Then you can teach pro-war propaganda all day and stab and blow each other to bits as much as you want. All the anti-fighting people can live outside and conduct their own lives, in peace.

The disaster in Iraq is what happens when the chimps get out and run the zoo.

Anonymous said...

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