Thursday, May 24

More Violations of Occupation,

Two videos that show US troops destroying Iraq.

The first is filmed by American soldiers as they watch two missiles destroy a mosque completely while cheering. Then one of them comments "and these guys still wanna f*** with us"

You are damn right they will f*** you up big time after you destroy their mosque.

The other, I wasn't able to check its validity, but it shows a US hammer stopping, and few US troops go down and start planting roadside bombs, the video was filmed by one of the American troops from a distance. Accidentally, one of the mines explodes and destroys the hammer and kills everyone.

These are the links to the two videos, I downloaded both in case they were removed from the site. (I uploaded the second one myself) (US Army Destroys a Mosque) (US troops planting roadside bombs)

UPDATE: the second video was removed from both liveleak and youtube, luckily I had downloaded it already. I uploaded it for the third time here.
[direct downloading link is]