Thursday, May 24

More Violations of Occupation,

Two videos that show US troops destroying Iraq.

The first is filmed by American soldiers as they watch two missiles destroy a mosque completely while cheering. Then one of them comments "and these guys still wanna f*** with us"

You are damn right they will f*** you up big time after you destroy their mosque.

The other, I wasn't able to check its validity, but it shows a US hammer stopping, and few US troops go down and start planting roadside bombs, the video was filmed by one of the American troops from a distance. Accidentally, one of the mines explodes and destroys the hammer and kills everyone.

These are the links to the two videos, I downloaded both in case they were removed from the site. (I uploaded the second one myself) (US Army Destroys a Mosque) (US troops planting roadside bombs)

UPDATE: the second video was removed from both liveleak and youtube, luckily I had downloaded it already. I uploaded it for the third time here.
[direct downloading link is]


Antonio said...

I just saw an interview with this kid and a reporter. You go ahead and express yourself, I feel for all who have lost their lives, their loved ones and religious brothers and sisters. I have no religion and am biased against neither or all sides of this situation. Bush won't admit it personally but the American public has. Bush and Co. made a dire mistake and can't totally get away from it without destroying a humane population stuck in an insane war and circumstance. I just hope all is well for you, your family and friends still in Iraq. At the same time I am giving love to all of the surviving families and citizens of Iraq and hope everyday it will end and they can get back to living securely and peacefully. What the future holds sadly, no intellectual has to guess. As-Salāmu `Alaykum السلام عليكم

Rakey said...

I am a TV researcher in London. I am developing a programme about cyber culture in Iraq.
Please can you answer the following questions? What does it mean to you to be able to express yourself via the internet? Is there any sense of community among Iraqis that you have met online? Have you had any negative response to sharing your views / life online? Computer hacking has been used as a form of protest against government agenceis...have you heard anything about this, what do you think?
Sorry to overload you with questions!

Letti said...
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Majed Jarrar said...


Thanks for your comment!
you definitely have a religion. A religion means how you live and what you are. You might not be a follower of a Holy Book, or a believer in a god, but that doesn't mean that you don't follow a religion.
And if you really don't follow any previous religions, then you are following Antonio's will/desire, and that is your religion. :)
[Hint, I suggest you switch to anything, at least switch to Buddhism. self-religions suck, man!]

email me your questions and I will reply to you.


the world is a much better place without people like you.

Letti said...
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Letti said... See the BBC link, "An apparent triple suicide bomb attack on a key Shia mosque in Baghdad has left 85 people dead and 160 injured, Iraqi police have said." Pray tell was this also done by Americans?

Majed Jarrar said...


you are among the people who do not know the border line between expressing themselves and being offensive to other people's opinions or beliefs.

And I do not need to explain myself when deleting your comments from my blog, read the declaimer.

mosques never exploded before the dirty occupation put their feet on Iraq's soil. Qaeda, Badr brigade, Mehdi Army, US contractors/mercenaries, and all other terrorists destroying Iraq now are there BECAUSE of the American occupation.

Letti said...

There is no use discussing this with you if you remove posts you don't like and respond to posts you chose to be acceptable. I don't doubt you have the right to remove posts, it is your blog, but by doing it the 'discussion' becomes pointless since you just remove parts you don't like. It's your right to do it but that doesn't mean you should. Look up the meaning of the word "fair" in the dictionary. Good day.

USpace said...

Pity the poor and peaceful terrorists who blow up Christian Churches, too bad about the mosque though...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't slaughter your enemy...

see a job worth doing
not a job worth doing right

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
let your enemies shoot first

give them a chance to kill you
before blowing their brains out

cile said...

hi majed,
did you find out more about the 2nd video?
i saw it yesterday and it makes me quite curious.

CMAR II said...

er...Majid...I see terrorist propaganda video of US soldiers (who are doing their jobs aiding truely patriotic Iraqis and the freely elected Iraqi government)apparently being assinated by a roadside bomb. You must be very proud of yourself for forwarding it.

I don't see them *planting* roadside bombs.

[Majid says]mosques never exploded before the dirty occupation put their feet on Iraq's soil.

Actually, mosques never exploded in Iraq before certain delusional Sunni Arabs put out a welcome mat for mufsiduun of al-Murtadd al Qaeda to come aid them in the fight against those who deposed their fascist leadership in Iraq.

What's more, many Palestinians whom Saddam imported to butress his regime against native-born Iraqis were among the worst offenders in this traitorous behavior.

Ian said...

I am working on the east side of Baghdad and have been turned off by some of the poor behavior of coalition members. I have also been turned off by some of the poor behavior I've seen from the local Iraqi Police and National Police. The crimes they commit against Iraqis are horrible to say the least. You are not being fair when you ignore this. The fact of the matter is that the minority Sunnis are struggling to hang on while Shia-backed militia are doing their best to push them out. I see the bodies every week in the Al Fadhel and Abu Safeen neighborhoods. Even when the Americans are gone, these types of senseless killings will continue.

Robert said...

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