Saturday, August 18

A Way to Help Iraqis


This is an article by mom, titled "CRP [Collateral Repair Project], Why?" that describes her new voluntary work to help poor families of Iraqi refugees currently living in Jordan, mom says:

peace upon you.....Since the beginning of the war against Iraq 2003, I was in Baghdad with my family,Before the war, I was just a mother of three boys, and Civil Engineer, working as executive manager of our firm in Baghdad.Main things in my life , was my family and my carrier.After the invasion, my life was changed, as what happened to many people inside Iraq or outside.The destruction of the country, violence with bloodshed, continued to be a daily ritual in our days.Since that time I started to work with Iraqi women NGOs in Baghdad, my aim was to help poor families, especially who lost their providers, by funding micro projectfor each family, to keep them survived and independent.

But the Iraqi women I was working with them that time, refused my vision, they were from business women, who were seeking for projects to fund their own projects.After I have left Iraq due to bad security conditions, and kidnapping of my son Khalid, the family decided to leave and settle in Jordan in 2005,We kept working to send medical supplies and water units to Iraqi hospitals, then I started to visit poor Iraqi families here, my network started to be bigger and bigger by the passing of time.

First, I tried to visit rich Iraqi families asking them to help their poor brothers and sisters, but they refused, I was very sad and disappointed, but by the passing of time, I decided ....

to continue reading what mom wrote, please visit the site for The Collateral Repair Project.

Also, there you can see the projects they have done so far, and the projects they are working on. You can help by telling your friends and family about it, or you can help by donating or sponsoring a family.

Modification: Link is fixed, you can visit the site from here.


lawnorder said...

Glad to see you and your family made out of Iraq OK.

I will add a link to your mom's charity to my blog. Hope it helps

Peace and good luck!


lawnorder said...

Something wrong with the URL in your post. I found the site through google though

Majed Jarrar said...

Thanks alot lawnorder,

I fixed the link.

Bibi-Aisha said...

May Allah bless your mum. It's terrible to think of people wilfully saying no to helping their fellow man.

Anonymous said...


mewmewmew said...

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