Friday, October 19

Afyaw Afyaw Ayfaw....

Those of you, Iraqis or else, who were in Iraq during the war... and watched local TV before the war broke out, will remember this hilarious video.

Tuesday, October 16

Important Updates, and PSA,

It's been so long since I last posted. In fact, it's been a while since I last got online. my Gmail inbox is about to get full, and I have received more than 400 emails in the past two weeks alone...

I had a great summer vacation - albeit short -, you can read about its details on my mom's blog because we went together along with Khalid. Naturally, my view and interests in that vacation was very different from mom's, but we all really needed it, and we all came back refreshed and ready to go back into the roller-coaster.

Ramadan entered this year with a very different and unique taste. I was very different in receiving this Ramadan... and it left very strong fingerprints in my soul and spirit.

Now we are back to normal classes, I'm glad that my timings this semester are neat and well scheduled. All my classes run on Mondays and Wednesdays (for about 10 hours contiuous), and I have rest of the week off. This semester I declared a minor in Physics, in addition to my major in Electronics Engineering. I have also enrolled in another university, The American Open University. Based in D.C. with a branching in Cairo, the AOU enables people to study under/post graduate degrees in Islamic and Arabic Studied, in either English or Arabic languages. I believe it has a very good program and I hope I can make the best out of it.

Anyway, beyond the endless nerdy academic life of mine, I have been elected to take the position of the production editor of the university's [The American University in Cairo, that is] official newspaper, which reminds me of the old days in the Al-Muajaha newspaper back in Iraq! Anyhow, it's all going well and I took a little column for myself to write a weekly skeptic/critical editorial about the university, which is fun.

One of the most exciting new updates in my life is that I have been appointed as the head of the Political Activism Committee [if you call it PAC, then i'll be PAC man. Ha ha.] at the Political Science Association. PSA is a socio-political student organization that works on and off campus to raise awareness about local, national, regional and international issues. Last week we had our first event, it was on the anniversary of the 6th of October war, 1973. The event contained mainly a lecture followed by a discussion panel to talk about the aftermath of the war, and its political consequences along with the Camp David Accord on Egypt, both nationally and regionally. There were many distinguished guests, from War Heroes, to War experts, to political science professors. It was a great success! Unfortunately I left my Camera in Amman, so I couldn't take pictures, but I'll try to get some pictures from one of the photographers who was there and post them inshaAllah...

We are currently building our list of contacts, so if you are interested in attending events, participating in our work, giving lectures in certain topics, or just keeping yourself updated with what we do, then please send us an email to my addie or to, make sure you write "subscribe" in the subject field if you wanted to be informed about our events.