Thursday, November 6

Obama Won, but...

I didn't know I was amongst the Veterans for Obama movement until I found myself on this video

Now let's see if Obama is really going to bring back peace to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday, July 7

Translators Needed Immediately

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

أنا بحاجة ماسّة لإخوة وأخوات مترجمين ممكن يستطيعون المساعدة في ترجمة كتب وكتيبات إسلامية مهمة من اللغة العربية إلى اللغات الإنكليزية/الفرنسية/الإسبانية/الألمانية وغيرها... وهذا هو جزء من مشروع يهدف إلى إصلاح صورة الإسلام في الغرب

أضافة إلى ذلك، أحتاج إلى مدققين لغويين في اللغات المذكورة آنفا ممن لديهم الإجادة المطلقة لتلك اللغة، كمية العمل كبيرة جدا وهناك أجر عظيم ينتظر كل واحد منكم بإذن الله.

العمل يتضمن ترجمة لأحاديث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، ومقتطفات من أقوال بعض سلف الأمة رضوان الله عليهم، إضافة إلى شروحات وتفاسير بعض المواضيع الإسلامية في العبادات والأخلاق والقضايا الإجتماعية الهامة.

شاركونا ولو بترجمة صفحة واحدة!!

لو كنت ترغب بالمساهمة لكنك لا تمتلك مقومات الترجمة لأي لغة، يمكنك المساهمة من خلال نشر هذه الدعوة بين أصدقائك وفي مدرستك وجامعتك ومسجدك ومكان عملك، أو من خلال نسخ هذا الإعلان إلى مدونتك مع الإشارة لكل من يرغب بالمساهمة بالإتصال بي عن طريق مدونتاي

جعله الله هذا الخير في ميزان حسناتكم وجزاكم عن الإسلام خيرا


asSalamu Alaikum!

I'm looking for Muslim translators - brothers and sisters, who can help me translate several important Islamic books and documents from Arabic to English/French/Spanish/German, as part of a campaign to clear misunderstandings about Islam in the west.

I also need Muslim brothers and sisters who can proofread English/French/Spanish/German, there's a lot of work needed and a lot of reward is awaiting inshaAllah.

Translation and Proofreading include Hadeeth (sayings of the prophet Mohammad - peace and
blessings be upon him -), quotations from the early Muslim generations, and explanation on several Islamic issues, with focus on issues related to Islamic ethics, worships and views on social matters.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you want to help but don't have the skills to translate or proofread, you probably know at least someone who does, so please pass this call to your friends, neighbors, in your school, university, mosque, work... copy/paste this to your blog... ask everyone interested to contact me through my blog or

Jazakom Allah Khayran!


Friday, June 20

Camel ride

I actually managed to sit long enough on its back to take this photo!

Inside the Canyon

Deeply underground in Petra


These two camel are so funny
It's my first time to see camels up close and personal like that.
They are really silly.

iPhone Blogging

This is a photo of Tigger, my mom's cat.
He's evil, don't let the picture fool you.

Saturday, June 14

Back to Amman,

umm, okay.
Hello everyone!
it's just been way so long since I last posted that I couldn't remember how to write a new post :0)
oh well,
I was having my breakfast (how could've imagined that i'll have egg with pesto one day?) this morning, sitting at the balcony in my parents house in Amman and listening to the birds, and I was thinking how it was strange to wake up this morning, turn on my iPhone (yes I managed to jailbreak this little girl, and I called her iRene), look at my iTo-do-list and find it empty!
I have been continuously busy for almost two years now... I feel like I have been running for a long time and I just stopped and realized how tired I have been. I think I was running after my future... It feels like- now that I've calmed down and looking back at myself- I never felt good enough about my present and wanted to fast forward things. My last four semesters at AUC were all over-loaded semesters of 18 or more credits. I was working two part-times jobs, both on-campus; one as the Dean Assistant at the department of mechanical engineering and the other is a lab technician/researcher at the Physics Department at AUC.

Then Tessa, my better half, (as she likes to think :0)) came to Egypt last April. It had been almost two years since we last met and it was great to see her again. She helped me move to our new apartment in Heliopolis. I tried to be a good host and show her around Cairo but I was too busy with my midterms (I had exams in the last two weeks of classes, and they still called them mid-terms!!) and my finals... But then during my finals I discovered that Maz Jobrani was coming over to Cairo, and I wrote him and told him that we would love to attend his show and he actually replied!
I'm setting 2 tickets aside for you for the 6pm show on May 30th. Please confirm that you can make this. If you can't make the 6 there is also one at 10. Let me know which one works and I'll have 2 comp tickets waiting for you guys.
So we actually got the comps delivered to my place! and we went to the show and it was amazing and we laughed so hard!... The poor Maz had his leg broken but he still made a great show! then we met him after the show and walked with him to the backstage and he asked me about the family and sent regards to Khalid! It was so much fun.
Oh and they gave us two gigantic bags of Doritos too :0)
fun fun.

Having Tessa around me helped me to settle alot. So for the first time I decided not to take summer courses and instead I took Tessa to visit my parents in Jordan. My parents got finally to meet her and we stayed their place for a week and it was very nice. Then as we were half week through, getting ready to leave to Canada and meet her parents, I found out that I left many important documents back in Cairo, and it would take me at least 10 days to prepare those documents again, while Tessa had to leave soon because her vacation was ending soon and she had to go back to work...
So we had to use the remaining couple of days and have a good time. I took her to Petra (one of the World's Seven Wonders now!) and we rode camels (thank you khalid for making fun of my camel riding experience in your blog! NOT) and horses (luckily I've done that before)... and it was so much fun (i'll post pictures soon!)....
Then next day I took her to downtown Amman and we walked through all those little antiques stores and bazars and we bought some gifts to her parents... Later on we went to the ancient Greek Colosseum near downtown... Then I took her to lunch in a very nice Jordanian restaurant, and we went back home after that and started packing...

Later on that night, sadly, Khalid and I drove her to the airport (I haven't got my license yet, my driving test is next week!) and she left to Montreal.
oh well, I woke up next morning and had pancakes with maple syrup, that made me feel better a little...
Now I have to figure out what to do with my life for the next two months, got a thousand and one plans and need to figure out where to start from...

Good to be back, thanks for reading :0)