Sunday, January 25

Did He Not Know?

"Those who threaten Israel, threaten us, ... I will bring to the white house an unshakable commitment to Israel's security, that starts with ensuring Israel's qualitative military advantage... I will ensure that Israel can defend itself from any threat from Gaza..."

Those were some of Obama's words which he spoke before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) one month before Israel started its massacre in Gaza.

I am truly puzzled, how could Obama still say that he will 'seek a new way forward' with the Muslim world when he promises Israel a military support of 30 Billion Dollars over the next decade, and that no other nation will get as much aid from America as Israel will?!

that's what he calls politics?

I call hypocricy.

The Muslim World expects true actions from Obama not just articulate speeches; to start by cutting down America's military aid to Israel - the source of greatest terror in the Middle East, before playing those innocent let's-be-friends speeches on TV.

Thursday, January 15

Evil Smart Bombs

It doesn't matter how smart these bombs are when they are meant to target civilians.

Israel today attacked the headquarters of the UNRWA, the headquarters of the Red Crescent Society...

Then they bombed the Red Crescent Hospital and destroyed the administrative section, the reporter was reporting that 'thankfully, they did not target the small wooden building at the back that contains all the oxygen cylinders'... less than 20 minutes later, they bombed that wooden building and the hospital was set on fire...

Then just when the world thought it was enough, they bombed the building where all media agencies were located. They injured two journalists of one of the TV stations and caused damage to the building and some offices.

Muslim Scholars on Gaza - 2

From dated December 31st, 2008

International Union for Muslim Scholars
Statement on the Horrific Massacre Against the People of Gaza

Praise be to Almighty Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, Companions, and all those who follow his guidance. Almighty Allah says,

(Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is Well Able to give them victory.) (Al-Hajj 22:39)

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) — with its chairmanship, executive office, board of trustees, and large number of affiliated scholars (whether individuals or bodies or groups in the entire Muslim World) — is observing with all concern, sorrow, and sense of responsibility the horrid massacre and horrible holocaust being committed by the Zionist enemy against our brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip.

As of the writing of this statement, the number of martyrs has risen to more than 680, in addition to 3,075 wounded. The victims are innocent civilians who committed no guilt. They were only holding onto their right to freedom and dignity. They have the right to defend their land, honor, and life. They have the right to reject all forms of Zionist humiliation and blackmail.
Since the first day of the aggression, Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, IUMS chairman, has been issuing lengthy statements on the Israeli atrocities and the union has been observing the situation and making contacts with different parties to emphasize the following facts:

First, the union has explained the religious ruling prescribed by the Islamic Shari`ah — with its different schools of thought — regarding this case: The whole Muslim Ummah is obligated to stand in solidarity with the attacked people, if these people are unable to repel the aggression by themselves.

All Muslims belong to one Ummah. They resemble a structure in which each brick lends support to the whole structure. They resemble one body; when any limb of that body aches, the whole body aches.

Hence, any aggression against part of the Muslim body is an act of aggression against the whole body, so repelling this aggression is the duty of all Muslims, especially those neighboring the people being attacked. A Muslim is the brother of a another Muslim; he or she should neither oppress him or her nor forsake him or her. Truly, Islam has made it incumbent upon its adherents to fight for the sake of those oppressed, as revealed in the Noble Qur'an. Almighty Allah says,

(And what reason have you that you should not fight in the way of Allah and of the oppressed among the men and the women and the children who are crying, "Our Lord, cause us to go forth from this town, whose people are oppressors, and give us from You a guardian, and give us from You a helper"!)(An-Nisaa' 4:75)

This is the duty of all governments and peoples: Everyone should extend their aid as much and as fast as possible for the sake of self-defense. This includes medical aid, food aid, other vital aids, and even military aid. Also, governments' hindering of their peoples from providing the people ofGaza with different forms of aid or from expressing outrage at this aggression is categorically abominated and prohibited.

Also, it is not allowed for any government under any pretense to merely stand watching what is happening, let alone to close the door of mercy in the face of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. The crossings leading to Gaza are considered the lifeblood of the people living in the strip, especially the Rafah crossing, whose opening and closing is controlled by the government of Egypt. In fact, closing this crossing at this time means putting a rope around the neck of the people of Gaza so as to strangle them. This is an outrageous violation of the values of Arabism, Islam, and Christianity.

Second, The IUMS views what is being committed against Gaza and its people as a blatant, brutal crime and serious challenge to all human values and rules of the international law. It is a war crime and a genocide in which warplanes and sophisticated weapons are used against a defenseless people who are attacked in their homes, mosques, and roads. As a consequence, limbs are shattered, blood is spilled, and dead bodies are charred.

What further worsens the situation and makes it more serious is the fact that the strip has been under an ongoing unjust siege for more than a year and a half. As a result, in that terribly cold winter, the strip is suffering from a severe lack of basic necessities of life, such as food, electricity, medicines, fuels, etc. This tragic situation requires immediate intervention and intense pressure to break this brutal siege so that food, electricity, medicines, and fuels can reach this oppressed and wounded people, just as all other peoples.

Third, we call upon the Arab and Muslim leaders (kings, presidents, and emirs) to take a brave stance and say to the Zionist oppressors, "Desist, O savage people." Muslim and Arab heads of states should actively work together and collectively address the international community headed by the UN Security Council and the West in an attempt to stop this barbaric assault, which is indiscriminately killing old people, women, and children.

In addition, all those who have ties with the Zionist entity (a matter which has no excuse in the Islamic Shari`ah) should break up these ties, if the crimes and vicious attacks of this entity do not cease.

Indeed, in this situation, the silence of some governments can only be interpreted as treachery to the Ummah and participation in the crime, for the silent on truth is a speechless devil. This being the case, outcries and statements of condemnation should follow in succession. In a noble hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

"If you see my Ummah afraid of telling the oppressor "You are an oppressor," then it is farewell to the Ummah." (Ahmad)

We also call upon the Arab countries to gather for an urgent summit to tackle the situation the way it should be tackled. We call upon all Arab leaders to accept Qatar's call for a summit on its soil. This is the request of the Arab public throughout the entire Arab World. These governments will lose their legitimacy if they refuse to listen to their peoples' voice of dignity and honor, which are prescribed by Allah for the believers.

Fourth, we call upon the Arab League and Organization of the Islamic Conference to quickly take necessary action aimed at consulting with the concerned leaders and presidents and with the European Union and the concerned international organizations. Also, they should get in touch with the masses in the Muslim World and the Arab World, seeking to bring the unaware back to their consciousness, alert the heedless, and reconcile the divided.

According to the immutable laws set by Almighty Allah, a billion and a half Muslims, of whom more than one third are Arabs, cannot be defeated by only several millions of Jews around the world. However, the myriads of Muslims can be defeated if their enemies are united whereas they are separated; if their enemies lend support to one another, whereas they forsake one another; and if their enemies are active, whereas they are idle.

Verily, it is the unchanging law of Allah that those who are united defeat those who are separated; those who support one another defeat those who forsake one another; and those who are active defeat those who are idle.

Fifth, we call upon our brothers among the scholars, jurists, imams, and preachers to endeavor to alert the Ummah and make it united in the face of the enemy. We call upon them to perform qunoot an-nawazel [supplication at times of tribulation], especially during jahri Prayers [where the imam reads aloud; i.e., Fajr, Maghrib, and `Isha' Prayers].

Also, we call upon them to keep the Ummah attached to Allah, for He is the One with Whom people should seek refuge at times of difficulty and He is the One Who grants victory to the Ummah over its enemy. In the Qur'an, Almighty Allah says,
(If Allah assists you, then there is none that can overcome you, and if He forsakes you, who is there then that can assist you after Him? And in Allah let the believers put their trust.)(Aal `Imran 3:160)

Sixth, the IUMS is working on forming a global Muslim delegation consisting of senior scholars and prominent and influential figures. This delegation will make a tour to a number of influential Arab countries and meet their leaders to discuss the proper way of dealing with this situation with the positive spirit, true solidarity, and strong unity required to confront this ferocious aggression. Almighty Allah says,

(Verily Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact structure.)(As-Saff 61:4)

Seventh, the IUMS calls for reviving the economic boycott of US and Israeli products; this is a weapon that leads to good outcomes. Indeed, each dirham or dinar earned by these people turns into a bullet in the chests of our brothers.

Eighth, we extend our greetings to the patient and steadfast people of Gaza. They have remained firm despite the long-standing siege. They have defied the attempts of humiliation, normalization, and subjugation. They have stood up to the aggression with their chests and have shown tremendous determination and unbreakable will.

We call upon our brothers in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to stand up for their brothers and sisters in Gaza. Whatever the differences that may exist, one should not stand up for the enemy against his or her brothers and sisters. One should not support the oppressor against the oppressed.

We also call upon the PNA leaders to wash their hands of the negotiations out of which they gained nothing but a mirage. Moreover, we invite the Palestinian factions to remember the values they have long been upholding: unification in adversity and adherence to the established principles of the Palestinian cause.

Both parties, Fateh and Hamas, should meet, talk, and reconcile. They represent the same people, and they have one cause and one fate. Reconciliation is for the good of all Palestinian factions. If people cannot reconcile at times of difficulty and tribulation, when will they possibly reconcile? Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawqi (may Allah have mercy on him) said, "Afflictions unite the afflicted."

In this respect, the Arab League should play its role with the support of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Indeed, ajourney of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Almighty Allah says,

(If they both desire agreement, Allah will effect harmony between them.)(An-Nisaa' 4:35)
In conclusion, we say to our Ummah, "Indeed, the favorable outcome will be ours, because truth is with us, and the word of truth is destined to prevail, whereas falsehood is destined to vanish." Almighty Allah says,

(And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has perished. Verily, falsehood is [by its nature] ever bound to perish.")(Al-Israa' 17:81)

And we say to our brothers and sisters in Gaza and in entire Palestine,

(Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that you may prosper.)(Aal `Imran 3:200)

(And neither lose heart nor grieve, and you shall have the upper hand if you are believers.)(Aal `Imran 3:139)

(And slacken not in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they [too] suffer pain as you suffer pain, but you hope from Allah that for which they cannot hope, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.)(An-Nisaa' 4:104)

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
IUMS Chairman

Wednesday, January 14

Muslim Scholars on Gaza - 1

I found four, very interesting, statements written by Muslim scholars, thinkers and academics regarding the situation in Gaza,

Nearly two weeks ago, Muslim Scholars of Holy Mecca, wrote this statement (Arabic) regarding the War on Gaza. As far as my knowledge goes, it was the first real statement that came out of any 'Islamic authorities' (religious institutions, symbols and such) regarding a war against a Muslim people. By real I mean it did not only condemn the war.

Here is a quick translation of the statement:

By The Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The Statement of Holy Mecca Regarding The Situation in Gaza

03-01-1430H [January 1st, 2009]

All praise due to the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace on the noblest of prophets and messengers - our prophet Mohammad, and his family and companions.

To Proceed,

The horrendous crime that is currently taking place by the Zionist State towards our Palestinian brothers in Gaza is one episode in a long series of crimes that has been continuously practiced by Jewish people since the occupation of the Muslim lands of Palestine. It follows a sinful, unjust siege that has lasted for nearly two years, in which Palestinians were banned food, medicine, electricity and all basic human needs. This resulted in the death of so many innocent, harmless souls, which revealed to everyone the true nature of these criminal Jewish gangs; a confirmation of the God’s saying ((How can there be such a league, seeing that if they get an advantage over you, they respect not in you the ties either of kinship or of covenant? With fair words from their mouths they entice you, but their hearts are averse from you; and most of them are rebellious and wicked.)) [Holy Quran 9:8]

The Muslim Scholars of Holy Mecca are bound by religious duty - as Allah Almighty obliged those who posses knowledge to spread it, not hide it - and by their duty of brotherhood towards the civilians of Gaza. As such, and due to the increasing severity of the situation, it has become necessary that they clarify the following facts:

FIRST) This struggle that is carried by the Islamic resistance which is embodied by the elected Palestinian government [referring to the 2006 elections], The Islamic Resistance Movement – HAMAS - and all other Islamic resistance movements on the lands of Palestine is an undoubtedly legal form of [defensive] Jihad. And hence, to support those Mujahideen with money, weapons, media and supplication is a religious obligation on everybody according to their capacities. The biggest portion of this duty lies on the shoulders of the governments of Islamic states. The refusal to support those Mujahideen by whoever is capable of that, let alone conspiring against them, is indeed the greatest shame.

SECOND) All Arab and Islamic governments must rush to support the legitimate elected Palestinian government in Gaza and any Islamic resistance groups with all forms of political, military and economic support. It is an obligation to exert all possible effort to lift the prejudice on the Palestinian people in Gaza, especially an obligation on the Egyptian government to hold responsibility towards supporting our people in Gaza through opening its borders permanently and indefinitely - the Rafah crossing point in particular - for the transport of all necessary provisions.

THIRD) All Arab and Islamic Governments must publicly withdraw from all peace initiatives that are currently on the negotiation table with Israel, and withdraw any established peace accord with the Zionist enemy. All those according should be disregarded after this brutal attack on our brothers in Gaza.

FOURTH) We recommend our brothers – scholars and imams of mosques all around the world – to speak a word of truth in support of our brothers in Gaza, to continue their supplication in all congregational prayers, to clarify to people what Islam says about such situations, and to make this war the topic of all Friday sermons until Allah Almighty would bring this ordeal to an end.

FIFTH) All Muslims must continue to support their brothers in Gaza through donations of blood and money as well as continuing supplication, and try to stop the spreading of the propaganda of the enemy’s media. It was reported with authentic narration that the messenger of Allah – may peace and blessings be upon him – said “Any Muslim who abandons another Muslim in a situation where the latter’s pride, honor and safety is jeopardized, shall be abandoned by Allah in a situation where he needs His support. And any Muslim who supports another Muslim in a situation where the latter’s pride, honor and safety is jeopardized, shall be supported by Allah in a situation where he needs His support.”

SIXTH) We have already seen a great deal of patience, steadfastness and pride in our brothers in Gaza so far, so we only urge them to continue in that spirit, to sincerely seek support from and depend on Allah Almighty alone. Allah says “Indeed, Allah is with the pious ones who restrain themselves, and those who do good.” [Holy Quran 16:128]

We ask Allah Almighty to end the miseries and ordeals on our brothers in Gaza, to give them victory over the enemy of Allah and their enemies; He is indeed capable of everything.
May Allah bestow peace and blessings on our prophet Mohammad, and his family and companions.

The Undersigned [a list of 25 Meccan Muslim scholars]

On The Grave Violations of Human Rights in Gaza...

The Human Rights Council called for:
  1. the immediate cessation of Israeli military attacks throughout the Palestinian Occupied Territory.
  2. demanded the occupying power, Israel, to immediately withdraw its military forces from the occupied Gaza Strip.
  3. called upon the occupying power to end its occupation to all Palestinian lands occupied since 1967, and to respect its commitment within the peace process towards the establishment of the independent sovereign Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.
  4. demanded that the occupying power stop the targeting of civilians and medical facilities and staff as well as the systematic destruction of cultural heritage.
  5. demanded further that the occupying power lift the siege, open all borders.
decided to dispatch an urgent independent international fact-finding mission to investigate all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law by the occupying power against the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The Council also requested the United Nations Secretary-General to investigate the latest targeting of UNRWA facilities in Gaza, including schools, that resulted in the killing of tens of Palestinian civilians, including women and children.

Monday, January 12

War Crimes: Lost Count

Israel, once again, uses illegal weapons, this time in Gaza.

Human Rights Watch said that their researchers have observed multiple air-bursts of artillery-fired white phosphorus over Gaza City/Jabaliya area.

The use of White Phosphorous (WP) on densely populated areas violates the requirement under International Humanitarian Law to "take all feasible precautions to avoid civilian injury and loss of life."

Palestinian Hospitals have been reporting numerous civilian casualties that have been burnt with white phosphorous. The chemical burns are so deep that families are unable to identify the bodies of their relatives.

Some media agencies have actually posted some pictures of those bodies, but they're way too graphic that I won't publish any of them. Aljazeera has interviewed some of those victims of Israel's illegal weapons yesterday (link in Arabic, may contain some graphic images).

Another devastating illegal weapon that Israel is accused of using is the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) bombs. These bombs explode into very fine metal clusters that cannot even seen by naked eye, they go through the skin and cause serious internal bleeding after tearing most of the body's organs causing a slow painful death. Doctors have expressed their concerns about this after they received several cases of civilians with such diagnosis.

Israel still refuses to declare the weapons that they have used in this war so far. In an interview with Aljazeera yesterday, an Israeli Army Spokesperson answered the accusation of using WP by simply stating that "Israel does not need to justify its actions to [Aljazeera] or to the world, I guess they know what we're doing."

I bet the world knows that they're doing now.

Saturday, January 10

Who's the Terrorist?

"We are, simply put, a homegrown national liberation resistance movement, with millions of people who support our struggle for freedom and justice."

on a quick update of events,

some UN officials called today for war crimes probe on Israel. Don't be surprised, the UN is only saying this because their own facilities and personnel in Gaza were targeted, once Israel 'apologizes' for those murders, no one is gonna call for war crimes probe regarding the 800 murders among Palestinian civilians and 3300 injuries; nearly HALF of which are children.

Speaking of which, did you know that if you look up Semite in any dictionary it'll tell you Arabs and Jews, but Antisemitism is defined as prejudice against Jews.

ermm... can anyone help me here, figure out an appropriate term to describe prejudice and discrimination against Arabs or Palestinians? (like this one.)

Oh and Both Ron Paul and the Pope described Palestinians living in Gaza as being confined in concentration camps.

Not only that, Ron Paul was the only republican in the House who voted against supporting more killing of Palestinians.

poor guy, he is so facing charges of supporting ... justice.

Thursday, January 8

Just Getting Worse

UNRWA officials announced today that despite Israeli claims, they are 99.9% sure that the UN school [ which became a shetler for nearly 500 homeless families after Israel had destroyed their homes ] that was bombed by the Israeli army and murdered some 40 women and children, was clear of any militants, munitions or military activities.

But, something had to come up and make Israel a victim instead of a war criminal...

Israel just announced that 5 mortar shells fell on Nahariya on North of Israel coming from Lebanon.

This is exactly how the 2006 war on Lebanon started...

It all started when some mortars fell, Israel said it was Hizbollah, Hizbollah denied and said that Israel fabricated that missiles story as a cover reason to begin their war...

It is very possible that if Israel begins an attack on Lebanon, that Iran might join the scene to defend Hizbollah and attack Israel...

Time will tell....

The Palestinian Holocaust Museum has started this webpage to list all crimes that Israel has done to the Palestinian people, called it The Palestinian Holocaust Museum.

With criticism to the naming, some people say that no one should compare their tragedy to what the Jewish people have suffered at the time of WWII.

It is because Palestinians have only
  • suffered from these crimes for 60 years..
  • undergone systemic killing through continuing siege and blockade from food, medicine, education and all basic human needs..
  • suffered a little more than eighty genocides..

I guess the critics, whoever they are, are upset because it seems that Palestinians have to wait for more killing and violations before they earn the 'holocaust' reward from Israel.

Death Continues in Gaza

According to the last UN Security Council meeting, Israel, backed by the stands of both the US and the UK, still claims this war is 'defensive', and that they are only responding to Kkkkhhhamas 'missiles' which, by the way, I think it's more technically correct to call them Flying Sewer-Pipes. The truth is, Israel has always been the one who started it.

No, Israeli lying politician, Israel is not responding to terrorist activities of Hamas...
No, US lying politician, Hamas (and all Palestinians) are not the one who started it...

Let's talk recent histroy a little bit shall we?

For those who have a memory smaller than that of a golden fish...

On June 19, 2008, Israel agreed to a truce with Hamas - supervised by the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptian Government - that included stopping the siege, opening the borders and stopping the attacks on Gaza Strip, in return Israel demanded for the stop of firing local-made missiles on Israeli cities by all Palestinian groups.

Since then, Israel has breached this truce more than One Hundred Eighty times, in which 21 Palestinians were killed, 53 injured and 38 (randomly) arrested. Moreover, international monitoring groups reported 15 incursions of the Israeli Army into Gaza and the West Bank. The boarders - Rafah crossing point specifically - has been randomly closed 51 times , each time it was closed from several hours to several days.

since the beginning of November 2008, Israel has laid complete and continuous siege on Gaza, cut all medical supplies, all international aid - even that coming through the UN -, and sent numerous air raids on different locations.

As these actions were obvious and very clear signs that Israel did not respect the truce, just like it did not respect the tens of truces, accords, treaties and UN resolutions before. Hamas as well as several other Palestinian groups started 'intensively' launching its 'missiles' on 'Israeli' cities.

To those of you unfamiliar with these Palestinian weapons of mass destruction, each of these local-made missiles is made of a 70-200cm long pipe (3-7 ft), ends with an explosive head loaded with 1-5 kilos of home-made explosives (some detergants and other domestic chemicals)

Israel used the missiles as a cause for its previously-intended war on Gaza. Within days of starting the war Israel dropped more than 500,000 kilos of US-made bombs on Gaza strip, which is one of the most heavily populated areas on earth.

It is the 13th day of this brutal war. 700 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 3100 injured. Nearly half of the deaths and one third of the injuries are women and children. More than 12 mosques have been targetted by air strikes, several of which were destroyed while congregational prayer was held inside those mosques. Also more than 10 medics have been killed.

This is the... let me count 2nd after the second massacre of Qana, 3rd after Der Yasin, 4th after Sabra and Shatila, 5th after the first massacre of Qana... (I googled list of Israeli massacres)...

oh dear,

This is the 18th massacre in the last 60 years done by Israel - the smallest of which resulted in murder of more than 100 civilians, and it is amongst another eighty something genocides committed by Israel.

Israel remains as the biggest threat in the Middle East and to the entire world - and without a competetor, with new war crimes added to its record, written with Palestinian blood.

Sunday, January 4


Finally, something to actually do instead of just talk about ...

The Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Karen AbuZayd, expressed her horror to the extensive destruction visited upon Gaza Strip today and her deep sadness to the terrible loss in human life. UNRWA, the United Nation’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, strongly urges the Israeli Government to heed calls for ceasing its bombardment on Gaza. Israel is a signatory to international conventions that protect non-combatants in times of conflict. These conventions are worthless if they are not upheld. ...more

Donate to UNRWA Special Gaza Appeal

تبرعوا لنداء الاستغاثة الخاص بغزة

1. Arab Bank PLC


USD Current account: 100191-4-510

Routing Numbe (swift code): ARABPS22600

El-Rimal Branch

Omar El-Mukhtar St, Gaza

2. HSBC Bank


USD Current account: 002/057511-185

routing number (Swift Code): BBMEJOAX

Amman, Jordan

Saturday, January 3


This war is not defensive,

and Israel is definitely not after targeting Hamas and its militias (in fact, several groups have been and still are launching rockets from Gaza, including the military wing of the current ruling party in the West Bank led by Mahmud Abbas.)

Israel is just making the same propaganda that accompanied all its previous crimes and genocides, in 1948, 1967, and all the way until the present. Only this time, we have a chance to speak up.

Israel will not be able to control the media if we worked hard to spread the real news, especially to people in North America as Israel has not given access to any foreign media to go into Gaza and report from there.

The horrible murdering of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army is going to much worse levels that anyone expected.

To this moment, more than 2800 casualties - of which more than 930 women and infants - have been recorded so far in almost eight days only of the Israeli war crimes - or criminal war - against Palestinians in Gaza, making this one of the horrible wars in recent history of the conflict and the whole region.

This war, claimed by Israel to target Hamas and its militia, has targeted more than 10 mosques and destroyed them to the ground killing scores of Muslims praying in them.

For God's sake... even if Bin Laden was praying in those mosques, one can't kill people while they are praying, and one definitely can't target a mosque under no circumstances. And for the record, they were only civilians who were killed in these mosques.

But the murderer is a murderer.

The Israeli army has targeted several hospitals leaving severe damages to some of them. It has also destroyed two primary schools during school time, killing and injuring numerous children. One of the schools is the American School which I know several friends studying in it.

Despite the fact that this is the 4th war I've witnessed, I was feeling very sick when I saw that many dead children. As I was watching Aljazeera Live while it was broadcasting from inside the main hospital in the city of Gaza, people brought to emergency room a very beautiful young girl in black and red school uniform. She was bleeding black blood from her liver. Doctors put her on a bed and tried to stop the blood, but she died before they could do anything.

Another very young boy, a nurse was carrying him to the emergency room but there were no beds left, the doctor laid him down on the floor between two beds and started giving him CPR. But the floor was too cold for him and he couldn't make it. The doctor got up to carry another dying Gazan and left the boy on the floor.

The US-made Israeli apache helicopters fired missiles at the largest granary in the City of Gaza; leaving only 3 secondary granaries with so limited resources enough to provide crop for four more days before Gazans would begin to starve.

Oh Arabs...

The Arab peoples are boiling on the streets while the leaders haven't even agreed on setting an 'urgent' date for them to meet and discuss Gaza.

It's been eight days and Egypt has not let aid cross from its borders to Gaza through Rafah. a large group of medics from the Arab Doctors Union said they have been waiting since day 2 and have not yet given permission to cross. Three planes full of medicine came from Qatar and had to go back after the Egyptian authorities did not let them pass through...

Muslims believe in a final day, where all creatures will be resurrected after death and gathered in one very crowded place, and every single person will stand for a trail before God and all mankind. In this day justice will prevail and all victims will get their pay back from the criminals.

What I don't get it is,
How do Arab rulers and kings - who are supposed to be Muslim and somehow believe in coming of this day - image themselves stand before all people of Gaza, people of Palestine, all Arabs, and all of mankind and face them with this crime - the silence and indifference to the cries of all those victims in Palestine and Iraq?

as a TV cameraman was going down the streets of Arab countries and interviewing people, a frustrated young Arab said "If we always blamed our grandfathers for standing helpless while Jews murdered and burnt down houses of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948, what are we going to say to our grandchildren when they will ask us 'What did you do to help Gaza?.' Will we say 'we didn't know what was going on'?"

I seriously don't know how will I face my grandchildren with my helplessness, let alone the entire world.