Thursday, January 8

Death Continues in Gaza

According to the last UN Security Council meeting, Israel, backed by the stands of both the US and the UK, still claims this war is 'defensive', and that they are only responding to Kkkkhhhamas 'missiles' which, by the way, I think it's more technically correct to call them Flying Sewer-Pipes. The truth is, Israel has always been the one who started it.

No, Israeli lying politician, Israel is not responding to terrorist activities of Hamas...
No, US lying politician, Hamas (and all Palestinians) are not the one who started it...

Let's talk recent histroy a little bit shall we?

For those who have a memory smaller than that of a golden fish...

On June 19, 2008, Israel agreed to a truce with Hamas - supervised by the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptian Government - that included stopping the siege, opening the borders and stopping the attacks on Gaza Strip, in return Israel demanded for the stop of firing local-made missiles on Israeli cities by all Palestinian groups.

Since then, Israel has breached this truce more than One Hundred Eighty times, in which 21 Palestinians were killed, 53 injured and 38 (randomly) arrested. Moreover, international monitoring groups reported 15 incursions of the Israeli Army into Gaza and the West Bank. The boarders - Rafah crossing point specifically - has been randomly closed 51 times , each time it was closed from several hours to several days.

since the beginning of November 2008, Israel has laid complete and continuous siege on Gaza, cut all medical supplies, all international aid - even that coming through the UN -, and sent numerous air raids on different locations.

As these actions were obvious and very clear signs that Israel did not respect the truce, just like it did not respect the tens of truces, accords, treaties and UN resolutions before. Hamas as well as several other Palestinian groups started 'intensively' launching its 'missiles' on 'Israeli' cities.

To those of you unfamiliar with these Palestinian weapons of mass destruction, each of these local-made missiles is made of a 70-200cm long pipe (3-7 ft), ends with an explosive head loaded with 1-5 kilos of home-made explosives (some detergants and other domestic chemicals)

Israel used the missiles as a cause for its previously-intended war on Gaza. Within days of starting the war Israel dropped more than 500,000 kilos of US-made bombs on Gaza strip, which is one of the most heavily populated areas on earth.

It is the 13th day of this brutal war. 700 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 3100 injured. Nearly half of the deaths and one third of the injuries are women and children. More than 12 mosques have been targetted by air strikes, several of which were destroyed while congregational prayer was held inside those mosques. Also more than 10 medics have been killed.

This is the... let me count 2nd after the second massacre of Qana, 3rd after Der Yasin, 4th after Sabra and Shatila, 5th after the first massacre of Qana... (I googled list of Israeli massacres)...

oh dear,

This is the 18th massacre in the last 60 years done by Israel - the smallest of which resulted in murder of more than 100 civilians, and it is amongst another eighty something genocides committed by Israel.

Israel remains as the biggest threat in the Middle East and to the entire world - and without a competetor, with new war crimes added to its record, written with Palestinian blood.