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This war is not defensive,

and Israel is definitely not after targeting Hamas and its militias (in fact, several groups have been and still are launching rockets from Gaza, including the military wing of the current ruling party in the West Bank led by Mahmud Abbas.)

Israel is just making the same propaganda that accompanied all its previous crimes and genocides, in 1948, 1967, and all the way until the present. Only this time, we have a chance to speak up.

Israel will not be able to control the media if we worked hard to spread the real news, especially to people in North America as Israel has not given access to any foreign media to go into Gaza and report from there.

The horrible murdering of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army is going to much worse levels that anyone expected.

To this moment, more than 2800 casualties - of which more than 930 women and infants - have been recorded so far in almost eight days only of the Israeli war crimes - or criminal war - against Palestinians in Gaza, making this one of the horrible wars in recent history of the conflict and the whole region.

This war, claimed by Israel to target Hamas and its militia, has targeted more than 10 mosques and destroyed them to the ground killing scores of Muslims praying in them.

For God's sake... even if Bin Laden was praying in those mosques, one can't kill people while they are praying, and one definitely can't target a mosque under no circumstances. And for the record, they were only civilians who were killed in these mosques.

But the murderer is a murderer.

The Israeli army has targeted several hospitals leaving severe damages to some of them. It has also destroyed two primary schools during school time, killing and injuring numerous children. One of the schools is the American School which I know several friends studying in it.

Despite the fact that this is the 4th war I've witnessed, I was feeling very sick when I saw that many dead children. As I was watching Aljazeera Live while it was broadcasting from inside the main hospital in the city of Gaza, people brought to emergency room a very beautiful young girl in black and red school uniform. She was bleeding black blood from her liver. Doctors put her on a bed and tried to stop the blood, but she died before they could do anything.

Another very young boy, a nurse was carrying him to the emergency room but there were no beds left, the doctor laid him down on the floor between two beds and started giving him CPR. But the floor was too cold for him and he couldn't make it. The doctor got up to carry another dying Gazan and left the boy on the floor.

The US-made Israeli apache helicopters fired missiles at the largest granary in the City of Gaza; leaving only 3 secondary granaries with so limited resources enough to provide crop for four more days before Gazans would begin to starve.

Oh Arabs...

The Arab peoples are boiling on the streets while the leaders haven't even agreed on setting an 'urgent' date for them to meet and discuss Gaza.

It's been eight days and Egypt has not let aid cross from its borders to Gaza through Rafah. a large group of medics from the Arab Doctors Union said they have been waiting since day 2 and have not yet given permission to cross. Three planes full of medicine came from Qatar and had to go back after the Egyptian authorities did not let them pass through...

Muslims believe in a final day, where all creatures will be resurrected after death and gathered in one very crowded place, and every single person will stand for a trail before God and all mankind. In this day justice will prevail and all victims will get their pay back from the criminals.

What I don't get it is,
How do Arab rulers and kings - who are supposed to be Muslim and somehow believe in coming of this day - image themselves stand before all people of Gaza, people of Palestine, all Arabs, and all of mankind and face them with this crime - the silence and indifference to the cries of all those victims in Palestine and Iraq?

as a TV cameraman was going down the streets of Arab countries and interviewing people, a frustrated young Arab said "If we always blamed our grandfathers for standing helpless while Jews murdered and burnt down houses of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948, what are we going to say to our grandchildren when they will ask us 'What did you do to help Gaza?.' Will we say 'we didn't know what was going on'?"

I seriously don't know how will I face my grandchildren with my helplessness, let alone the entire world.


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Assallam alaikum,

It's difficult. It's revolting. What will we say? I'm currently studying in UAE for a month.. and at least the news here is REAL about what is going on. What about the nations that fund the war.. them bombs etc. In generations to come, InshaAllah we will compare it to the trail of tears... the Japanese internment camps, and other genocidal racist revolting acts.

Sigh. The papers here claim that the UAE gov't is speaking up.


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