Saturday, January 10

Who's the Terrorist?

"We are, simply put, a homegrown national liberation resistance movement, with millions of people who support our struggle for freedom and justice."

on a quick update of events,

some UN officials called today for war crimes probe on Israel. Don't be surprised, the UN is only saying this because their own facilities and personnel in Gaza were targeted, once Israel 'apologizes' for those murders, no one is gonna call for war crimes probe regarding the 800 murders among Palestinian civilians and 3300 injuries; nearly HALF of which are children.

Speaking of which, did you know that if you look up Semite in any dictionary it'll tell you Arabs and Jews, but Antisemitism is defined as prejudice against Jews.

ermm... can anyone help me here, figure out an appropriate term to describe prejudice and discrimination against Arabs or Palestinians? (like this one.)

Oh and Both Ron Paul and the Pope described Palestinians living in Gaza as being confined in concentration camps.

Not only that, Ron Paul was the only republican in the House who voted against supporting more killing of Palestinians.

poor guy, he is so facing charges of supporting ... justice.