Thursday, June 11

No More Pigs?

AUC has announced that the thirteen suspected cases turned all negative, thankfully. All classrooms and meeting places are being sanitized in preparation to resume classes on Monday the 15th.

There will be briefings to all staff, faculty and students about Swine Flu on Sunday and Monday on both campuses where fact sheets and FAQ sheets about Swine Flu will be distributed to the AUC community.

The university has FINALLY posted a link to actual information about Swine Flu (after so many 'theories' spreading among AUCians on cure and treatment etc...)
The link takes you to a WHO page, here it is.

So, it's all done, hopefully we don't get another burst like that one once classes begin. I'd better go revise what we were studying before classes stopped :)

Wednesday, June 10

Pigs Everywhere: 13 more new Swine Flu cases

The good news, all test results from residents of the new campus dormitory came out negative.

The second good news, the university began sanitizing all classrooms and areas of public gathering before resuming classes.

The bad news, 13 more students from the Zamalek Dormitory were taken to hospital after having high fever earlier today, test results will come out hopefully tomorrow to confirm if they are all infected with Swine Flu or just food poisoned from too much Pizza.

Classes were postponed one day extra, and hopefully we'll be back to classes on Monday the 15th.

That's all about now,

Tuesday, June 9

AUC Swine Flu Cases Go Up to Seven

Five Additional AUCians had their H1N1 tests return positive - four students and one staff - all living in Zamalek Dormitory. The quarantine will be extended until Sunday the 16th. David Arnold, President of AUC, said to the media that AUC sent boxes of pizza to the residents of Zamalek Dorms to show support.

Well, if you were going to lock them up with sick people until they all get infected, you'd better give them some pizza with that for sure.

Both AUC clinics are over crowded with panicing AUCians in a very dangerous way, increasing everyone's chances of getting sick while waiting for more masks (which they ran out of yesterday) to come,

Up until now, no test results came back from the New Campus Dormitory (the other AUC dorms with all-day long shuttle service connecting it to Zamalek Dorms)... But it is also quarintined now.

AUC Confirms Two Cases with Swine Flu

Two American students who arrived to Cairo on May 28th to study at the American University in Cairo were taken to hospital two days ago after they had fever. Analysis came positive that they both were infected with the H1N1 - Swine Flu - virus.

A third student - also American - was taken to hospital last night with high fever, results did not come out yet whether she was also infected with H1N1 virus. This is a quote from the message sent on June 8, by Mr. Brian MacDougall, Vice President for Planning and Administration at AUC,
Please be advised that overnight the Egyptian Ministry of Health confirmed positive H1N1 test results for two AUC students. These two students have been hospitalized and are receiving the necessary medical treatment.
He also mentioned in a later email that,
As a result of the two confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu in the Zamalek dormitory, the university has decided to suspend classes until Sunday, June 14, 2009.

This bring a serious question to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, both patients arrived on May 28th, and virus was found in them on June 8th. It takes the virus 1 to 4 days inside the body before symptoms start to appear. This means that the two American students are likely to have received the virus from someone else in Egypt, not in the States. Local newspapers are heavily attacking the Ministry of Health; after weeks of boasting their precautionary measures, it seems that all their efforts were just a bluff.