Tuesday, September 8

Life in Cairo Continues

Hello everyone,

A new semester here at AUC begins,
A new overload application to take more courses than before. Hopefully this could be my second before last semester and I could graduate on Fall 2010 instead of Spring 2012!

I will be taking my first course towards my specialization in communications engineering, my professor, Dr. Ahmed Abou-Auf, the dean of electronics engineering at AUC, asked us in our first class yesterday to tell him our dream of where does each one of us see himself in 10-20 years from today... I gave him an answer that was interrupted by too many umms and maybes. In the same time I was thinking and I realized; I stopped dreaming about my future very long time ago.

Maybe it's a good thing that for the past five years I've been focusing on doing what I was doing... but also I think it's about time to stop for a moment and look up and see where the road is going... As Dr. Abou-Auf put it, one of us can become a boring (or even an interesting ) professor, a filthy rich businessman, or spend the rest of your life near an oil pump in the desert.

I think I should give myself an hour this week to plan my next ten years, before classes begin because then I will not remember to do so until the semester is over...

Ramadan this year is more beautiful than many years before... It seems that when we grow older, learn new things and understand more things... our perception to life deepens and we start looking beyond apparent qualities.

I have not been looking at Ramadan this year as the month of fasting only, but more also as the month of mercy. I saw the happiness on the faces of poor people when they know that they are not hungry, thirsty or sleepless alone. When everyone sees that everyone else is hungry and sleepy, people stop complaining about that and become more productive than they are in other months of the year! It is a truly amazing mercy.

I received the good news of the death of AlHakim at the beginning of this month, and I became very optimistic all of a sudden. May this Ramadan bring an end to injustice and evil people, and bring mercy and forgiveness on the poor wronged people.